January Faves: Do You Want to "Make-Up" With Me?

January Faves: Do You Want to "Make-Up" With Me?

Crazy to think that, one month ago, it was Christmas Eve. I tell ya, what is even crazier is that it will be the Holiday's before we know it again! Sorry, I know, but it is the truth! Does it seem like I am counting down the days, lol? Nah! What I am counting down the days until is this time, NEXT WEEK, when I will be on the heels of getting out of Baltimore for a bit and and enjoying some R&R with my family. This is the first time that I will be out of the country for 2 weeks, and I cannot freaking wait! It is coming at the BEST time too! Don't worry, you will not miss a beat, and I am keeping it under wraps with where I am going for the time being. 

Another reason I am so pumped? I may lay low with all the make-up too! BUT, before I do so, this topic is what I want to share with you today. I want to "MAKE-UP" or "Break-Up!" Okay, let me take a step back. It is not that I wear a TON of makeup all the time but, over the course of the week, I do have days where I need to be more camera ready than others and, some days, the bronzer, mascara and lip gloss is all that is needed. Wait, I may have to do something with my brows too. According to my makeup artist - she is the best - those should be FIRST and what frames your face! Going away for 2 weeks, where I HOPE I do NOT need to rely on a spray tan when I come home - see, another clue for you - just includes a fresh face. 

Enjoy this weeks video! I have highlighted the brands I chatted about, below, for your viewing pleasure. Remember a non-exhaustive LIST. I mean, I don't even talk about the "Better Than Sex" mascara I use because that shit is personal. LOL. Additionally, you will find the link to the super cool traveling case I am showcasing below, and in the beginning of the video!

Janine Makeup


Here's to putting your BEST FACE forward! Happy Friday!


P.S. I think you could make a drinking game out of how many tines I say AMAZING! 

P.S.S. Don't judge the low budget video production in the upper right hand corner, HA!


Are you ready to MAKE-UP or BREAK UP? A huge THANK YOU to my fabulous hair & makeup gal Sarah Slater Yuhas for all of these AMAZING (sorry, I had to say it) recommendations! 

BoxyCharm Monthly Beauty Subscription

Travel Make-Up Case

Christian Dior "Forever" Foundation

MAC "Matchmaster"

Too Faced Concealers 

Morphe "Jaclyn Hill" Collection

Lime Crime "Venus"

Tarte Bronzer

Becca "Skin Love Glow Elixir"...courtesy of Violeta Meyners

NARS "Orgasm" Blush

MAC "Blush Baby"

Becca "Champagne Pop"

MAC "Gold Deposit"

Brushes: Trish McEvoy, MAC, Morphe, Ulta Brand (and Boxy Charm & Lilly Pulitzer - exclusives)

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