Making My Mark...

Making My Mark...

#monday Hi, I am Janine. I like long walks on the beach, have champagne taste, and...KIDDING! Well, maybe not about the champagne taste BUT that sounds like it should be my dating profile. Not so much!  

Anyway, happy Monday to you, and, actually, the 1st Monday of March. Ahh, just a few more weeks - or couple months - until warmer weather. Honestly, we have been lucky in Baltimore. I think it is supposed to get close to 60 degrees today. The super cool, yet super warm sweater, I had chosen for pictures later this morning/afternoon will have to wait a little bit longer. Geez, it is probably sold out by this point. 

Over the next few weeks, Monday's are going to focus on "memories" and even some throwbacks too. This picture was taken yesterday in the midst of trying to stay on the pulse with new content but, also, it was about putting the final itinerary together for a really BIG social media photo shoot happening tomorrow! 

Janine Smile


I am SO EXCITED to be making my mark in the industry, but I am nervous too. Nervous in a good way of course. Nervous that I am promising to deliver exceptional work - which I always do and it always far exceeds the client's expectations - and wanting to represent each and every vendor I am working with in the best light.

Professionalism, integrity, and a work ethic that comes from my heart & core are what I want captured, and what I want each vendor to recognize me for in the social media realm. I am who I am. And this is about taking that next step towards what I want in this next chapter or, as I want to call it, Janine 10.0, 15.0, etc. I forget how many editions it has been now! LOL!

Here is #levelingup, #grit, and working your ass off to get exactly what you want in life! And, in true Janine Serio "fashion," do so with a glass of bubbly! 

xoxo, Gossip Girl


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