Meet Me At The Bungalow!

Meet Me At The Bungalow!

Ugh, traveling home today after what was another wonderful trip - yes, going away by yourself is not that bad - but, at least, the next 1 1/2 weeks will be filled with some fun festivities. 

Oh, yikes, and New Year's. This is one Holiday I could do without - New Year's Eve that is - but, who knows, maybe this year will be different. 

On to more important things, like meeting me at "The Bungalow" the next time you are in Santa Monica.  Maybe we slip away here for New Year's instead. YESS! That seems like a fabulous plan! 

collage of The Bungalows


Seriously, WE NEED TO GO. How have I NOT been exposed to this place yet?!?! I mean, for as long as I have been going to Santa Monica, and, literally, staying on the same property for the past 6 months, I just got educated, and a little "schooled," on this well-known, celebrity driven hot spot. 

pool table at Bungalow




Let's be real - by the time the real FUN has started, I am, most likely, in my 1st rem cycle (ha). I say that because I was told the best time to go - and the least wild and crazy - is when they open at 5:00 pm. Oh, and that is on the weekdays. On the weekends, the food and drinks start happening at 12:00 pm, and last call happens at 2:00 am.

bungalow board room


bungalow bar seating


And, if you catch it just right, and when we are NOT being faced with the shortest days of the year, the view of the sunset is supposed to be incredible. When is that sunset NOT incredible?!?! FYI: This (above) is where I pulled up a seat with one of my signature cocktails - a Grey Goose martini! Yeah baby! 

view of the Pacific


bungalow bar


While my pictures are filled with lots of Christmas cheer (and the mood lighting had set in), make sure to check out the, actual, website, HERE, where you can see just how amazing all of the charm, bouginess, and California charm this place brings! Back to Christmas, how cool is this tree, and the decor? Regardless of the temps, it is so freaking festive! 

Christmas tree at bungalow


bungalow bar


And, yes, thank you for allowing me to use the following verbiage to depict the sheer awesome of this local hangout! :) 

"The Bungalow is a paradigm in romantic socializing and creative meeting space for the Westside of Los Angeles The Bungalow is a space that evokes a breezy, beachside Baja lifestyle. The place feels more like a home than a bar, with mismatched tables, chairs and couches. In addition to the front deck with its fire pits, lush foliage and twinkling tree lanterns, the Bungalow also has a laid-back game room with a pool table, a private dining room, a back garden and a large main bar with high raftered ceilings. Moroccan tile work, Mexican blankets, multiple fireplaces, whitewashed walls, French doors and custom brickwork complete the scene"

{The Bungalow, Santa Monica}

See what I mean? Are you ready to meet me at The Bungalow?


P.S. Seriously, make sure to check out the pictures on the website! Mine, definitely, do not do it justice! ;)

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