Friday Fun: You Ready? Some FAB Gift Ideas for the Men In Your Life!

Friday Fun: You Ready? Some FAB Gift Ideas for the Men In Your Life!

Happy Friday and, FINALLY, May 1st! What started out as kind of a dreary day has ended up being somewhat OKAY. Hey, any bit of sun we can get is amazing! 

First, and foremost, a HUGE shoutout to my brother-in-law who is entering a NEW decade today! Happy 30th Birthday Ryan McNamara! I have to say, your birthday inspired me to write this post too! P.S. I wish my trip to Denver had still happened; we could have been toasting to 30 right now! Here's to hoping Labor Day is still a go!

In case you did not know, one of my things is giving an amazing gift. One that takes thought, has meaning, and does not (always) have to come with a hefty price tag. Yeah, you will be coming back to the last part of the line when you see what I am showcasing today! LOL! 

For some reason, I think it is just harder to buy for guys. Do you agree? And, people, I am a shopper! I grew up in a very female dominated family, meaning lots of girl cousins, mom & daughter time, grandmother weekdays & weekends, spoiled by aunts, etc.! It's cool though; I have a Dad, brother-in-law, and 2 second boy cousins I can buy for now. Hopefully, my future hubby (or boyfriend) will be into the gift giving (and receiving)! Maybe this is one my only male cousin was like my "BFF" growing up? He wanted me to have that shopping balance in my life...I spoiled him like no other! 

What I have put together are some of my go-to gifts on my list to give those men, and future men, in my life. Sorry kids, these are adults only...unless the baby is having a tough time with teething and the bourbon needs to be rubbed on his poor little gums! 

Alright, let's get this Friday FUN started! You ready to check out this awesomeness?

Vilebrequin: THIS SWIMSUIT COMPANY IS FABULOUS! I cannot say enough wonderful things about them! I was, first, introduced to this brand in Santa Monica - they have a spot in the Fairmont Miramar & Bungalows where I stay - and I would just drool over the bouginess. The bright colors, fun, French-inspired patterns, super unique styles, and limited edition prints are an, absolute, MUST to have, and such a lovely gift too (especially close to a $300 price point). Actually, I got my Dad a limited edition Queen print last Summer, and I have, since, purchased a beach bag, 2 swimsuits, AND, GUESS WHAT? This is what was wrapped up in a pretty little bow, alongside monogrammed wrapping paper, to my brother-in-law! I know, I am the best! ;) I am not sure what is cuter - the suit or the wrapping paper! 



Woodford Reserve Bourbon: You can see my piece on "giving alcohol as a gift" in a moment but bourbon, for some reason, seems like a really nice gift. When it is on their list, too, they why not? And, how fun is this bottle in honor of the Kentucky Derby? Did you know that Woodford Reserve Bourbon is the "official" bourbon of the Kentucky Derby? Oh yes, I will be making a bourbon inspired drink this weekend! Can you guess what it could be? Uh huh, big hat and all! 



SmokinTex Smoker: THIS is such a great concept and gift! I had a client who purchased for her husbands 40th and what he has smoked has been incredible. I am not sure if I can eat salmon any other way now (or have plain ice cubes either). Yes, you read right; smoked ice cubes! From what I have researched, the "SmokinTex" line is one of the best! I know this one you can purchase at Williams Sonoma seems a little industrial but it is super top notch! I know, another high price point - $600 - but, trust me, if the man in your life cooks, this is a no brainer! It will pay for itself over and over again! 



Southwest Gift Card: Hmm, a gift card can be a great alternative BUT I also think it can be a cop out. Yes, I said it. Although, right now, with the way of the world, I think a Southwest gift card (or any airline for that matter) would put a smile on your man's face. And, if this is for your husband or boy toy, have them ask "where are we going?" Ha! Again, kidding...maybe not. I love to travel! 

Southwest Gift Card


Bionic Frog Syrah: I am prefacing this FIRST. I think a bottle of wine or champagne is a wonderful gesture as a host/hostess gift BUT, if giving for a birthday or a special occasion, it shouldn't just be a random bottle you find at the liquor store. No judgement but moving on! Okay, I know, it is the THOUGHT that counts BUT I am taking this one step further. Randomly, I was introduced to this bottle of red one day as I was getting lifestyle pictures taken at a local Baltimore restaurant. A gentleman was there with a small crew of people who get together every week and wine taste. As the waiter shared, "this man has an unbelievable collection of wine, and he brings a handful of bottles every week to drink, socialize, and talk well, VINO." A lucky recipient I was...and it was fabulous! I don't know what caught my attention more - the taste, the label, or the price tag. For $300+ for its recent vintages, I recommend giving this to the guy who knows his way around a wine cellar! 

Bionic Frog


Aviator NationTHIS BRAND is life right now! I just adore their track suits, pullovers, ski vests, jackets, etc. And, what I love even more, it is trendy, funky, based in Malibu with several other locations in California and other states, and you can pick a color and style to meet your man's personality! Prices range so you can, absolutely, purchase for under $200 and give a gift that he would not get himself (and maybe throw in a matching hoodie too). This brand is known for most of their styles to be unisex so, even if you did not want to purchase one for yourself, you know you can, ALWAYS, wear his now and then. See, a win, win! 

Aviator Nation


Wait, should I be giving away all of my secrets? Of's what I love to do (and, as I mentioned, I love to shop)! 

Cheers, Happy Friday, and Happy 30th Ryan!


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