#musthavemondays 'Tis the Season for a One Stop Shop!

#musthavemondays 'Tis the Season for a One Stop Shop!

Happy Thanksgiving Week love...and a HUGE Happy 26th Birthday shoutout to my fabulous younger sister! This morning has been a little slow for me. Did you happen to see my Instastories yesterday? I gave a behind the scenes sneak peek at my FIRST #vlog for an upcoming Small Business Saturday piece. While I was really nervous, but really excited, I kind of think I found my calling. I mean, any day you can get your hair, makeup, put on some bougie new clothes, and have 9 hours of fame - oh yes, 9 hours - that is, ALWAYS, a good day!

Did you know this is one of my FAVORITE weeks of the year? I say that because I am all about the "anticipation" of the Holiday. Frankly, it's kind of a bummer when the actual "day" rolls around. Not so much Thanksgiving but Christmas, for sure. It's amazing the 360 from this week to last. 

One week ago, I was 30,000 feet, on my way to sunny Santa Monica. Today, I sit in a super warm pullover from Lululemon, a pair of my super cute Athleta leggings, and my gloves are ready to go! Over the last 6 weeks, all hands have been on deck with one of 2 Health Nuts worksite wellness contracts. It's been a nice change of pace; I mean, as I have mentioned, it can get pretty lonely sitting in front of your computer most days. That, and the lack of movement is not #fit4janine. 

Today I am SUPER excited to launch a series called "#musthavemondays." I wish I could take credit for the title but in one tossing and turning phases last week, I hopped onto social media and saw someone use this hashtag. Hence, what spurred this thought process. 

For the next 6 weeks, I will be sharing with you all of my "MUST HAVES" over this Holiday season, and, of course, what is HOT and TRENDING. Well, at least what I think - ha. Every week will be a different focus - from fashion, recipes, and home decor, to places to visit during the "most wonderful time of the year," restaurants to check out, my go-to wines, and so much more! 

This week, I want to start with my one stop shop this Holiday season. From trendy and hip clothing and loungewear, to jewelry, accessories, and handbags, to home decor, an amazing candle selection and, well, just about the cutest guest towels, place settings, glassware, and so much more. 

Introducing...wait for it...can you guess what it is? ;)


Okay, admit it, you knew exactly what I was going to say, right? Seriously, this is one of my favorite spots! While their clothing does not always jive with my look or current style, I, usually, can find something, LOL. I remember when they first opened a store in Baltimore I felt it was so "hippy" and "bohemian." Not really my taste but the occasional pieces would strike my fancy. As time has gone on, though, the look is always evolving into the latest trends, patterns, textures, etc. and, well, it is a, definite, go-to...for more than just clothing too! 

Over the past year, the store on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica has expanded their home decor to offer a full service home design center. If memory serves me correct, they are one of the ONLY stores, thus far, who showcases/offers in house. Plus, the store is 2 floors which means LOTS of merchandise, furniture, Holiday decor, etc...and lots of inspiration for this piece. What I love, too, is that they were super gracious and accommodating for letting me get some pics of my favorite things!

So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite things this Holiday season at Anthropologie, my one stop shop for everything that is #fit4janine!

Dish Towels

dish towels


I mean, how classy are the gold & orange pumpkins...and THAT FRENCHIE?!?! So stinking cute! At $18-$24 each, these towels can glam up any kitchen or powder room, and make for a fabulous hostess gift. With over 20+ different prints, patterns, and seasonal motifs to choose from, I guarantee you will find the perfect FIT for you.

Oh, and you may even find a matching apron and/or pot holders to make you feel even more glamorous and "bougie" in the kitchen! Because when you look good, you feel good, and you cook good! 



Dishes, Glassware, Serving Platters, and Vases Oh My! 

table setting


Literally, obsessed. I think I spent a good 30-45 minutes putting together all different place settings for Thanksgiving, Christmas, upcoming parties, etc. Prior to that, I think I stood, mesmerized, by the beautiful displays themselves for an, additional, 30-45 minutes. And, although, most of their dishes, mugs, and glassware are hand wash only, it's so worth.

                                   serving pieces     vases

I mean, they are like a work of art! 

From silver and gold, to bold, bright, and floral, once again, there is a style & theme that will please every entertaining guru's table this season! 

table setting


And let's not forget their incredible selection of candles too! The hardest decision you will make is what scent to purchase! 



Buffalo Checked ANYTHING (Ha), Sweaters, and Bohemian Florals

sweater and jeans


This really is not the best picture of the buffalo print BUT that black and white patterned jacket on the left is on my list to purchase. Honestly, everywhere you go, the buffalo print patters are back in style! When I kept passing by this manikin, I kept thinking it, totally, looked like an outfit I would wear. The jeans are identical to the ones I showcased from Free People on social media last week, and the cream colored sweater, adorned with the cute, floral belt seemed right up my alley! Pair this look with a sweater jacket - such as that cute checked one - and you are so "in check" with this seasons style! 

Hooded Plaid Sweater Coat: $188

Aruna Turtleneck Sweater: $118

Pilcro Ultra High-Rise Bootcut Jeans: $148

"52 Conversations" Blouses by Anthropologie

Yes, totally quoting this from the website..."Designed with a bit of whimsy, and a whole lot of charm, the archival prints in this limited edition collection speak to the heart and art of Anthropologie." Omgosh, I love seeing the latest prints that debut every month! While I don't have one as of yet, there is a cute one with hearts on it that just speaks to my heart.

I must be a total romantic! 

52 conversartions


So cute to pair with jeans, or dress up with a pair of black pants, these blouses - that range from $78-$88 - are, definitely, "conversation" starters, and will have people asking "where did you get it?" 

Handbags Galore!



I am bummed that my recent velvet clutch purchase has not arrived yet to showcase, I am head over heels about these knotted tote bags, especially in the color "yellow motif." It is the HOT color this year, and I think it makes such a statement with sweaters, dresses, athleisure, etc. 

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if there is anything else from Anthropologie I need to check out! 



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