My Beautiful Mess

My Beautiful Mess

Well, hello again Monday! It never ceases to amaze me how quick the weekends roll, and how I have the hardest time recalling what I ACTUALLY did when someone asks, LOL! I always come back with a “it must not have been that exciting if I am having a hard time remembering.” I can tell you that I took a quick, 24 hour trip to NYC Friday à Saturday evening, and yesterday was spent working, playing catching up, and getting organized for what is going to be a BIG WEEK!

Speaking of NYC, I went out for my 1st ;run/walk in about 3 months since spraining both ankles in the beginning of June and, needless to say, my body is wrecked. And by “wrecked” I mean SORE. AS. FU*K!

I am not complaining; I mean, I cannot expect my body to go right back to “running shape” after a couple months of rest, a change in activity, and physical therapy. I admit, I really wanted to keep up with my boyfriend (btw, this was my idea after all), prove to myself I still “got it,” and keep my competitive spirits high. When my whole started talking to me, though, and I began to get a little weary about my ankles, I decided to swallow my pride and go at the pace that felt comfortable at that point in time. A hard lesson for me but it’s about just that à being in the moment.

Honoring your body for where it is, right here, right now! And that is just what I did. I got clarity, perspective, took in the beautiful skyline, and even asked myself “what is this love/hate relationship you have with running?”

Anyway, did I already mention this is a BIG WEEK!! While there is a LOT to be accomplished, and a lot of sitting on my booty in front of the computer, I am SUPER EXCITED and PUMPED for what is being launched!

And, if you are reading this post right now, you already know what I am gushing about!! After 9 months in the making (okay, really almost 2 years), the “Fit4Janine” Blog has gone LIVE!

YES, LIVE! Fist pump, mic drop, WHATEVER!


My baby is FINALLY HERE, and I cannot stop smiling! Seriously, I feel like I have a hanger in my mouth…ha, ha, you know what I am talking about.

This is about me, sharing with the world, my life, my passions, my interests, my hobbies…my beautiful mess! FYI: Did you know the hashtag “#mybeautifulmess” is one of the most trending for lifestyle bloggers?

You will be seeing it ALL; the good, the bad – scratch that; let’s say, life lessons – the pretty, the messy, and everything in between. In turn, I hope my blog gives you inspiration, some humor & levity, and a #1 fan that will ALWAYS be an advocate for living a life that is Fit4You! Muah!

Oh, and if want a little “ORDER” to your week, with a side of caffeine, check out one of Baltimore’s hippest coffee shops, Order & Chaos.


When I need to #GSD, and want a good cup of joe in a funky mug, this is my spot! Techy, modern, bold colors, and a group of like-minded individuals who are head deep into their MacBook’s, iPhones, and java! The menu is small, and not super fancy but who cares when it is GOOD. And, yes, you can get other items besides coffee, espressos, and lattes. An assortment of teas, hot chocolate, and smoothies are part of their menu as well!

The vibe is very entrepreneurial-like – from men and women in suits  and skirts hosting business meetings, to individuals, like myself, who have their gym clothes on and catching up on emails, writing blog posts, doing research etc., With tables outside, local residents will be seen chilling with their dogs out front, or cyclists catching up after a long ride. Small bites such as pastries and a “walking waffle” are an option, as well as some quick “pick-up foods” if you just need to fill the void.

Here’s to your coffee being strong, your week being short and, OMG, Fit4Janine being the trendiest blog to come on the scene in a long time!


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