My Old Stomping Grounds...

My Old Stomping Grounds...

You know, just strollin' through my old stomping grounds on a BEAUTIFUL Sunday in March! And, while I may be a little tired due to the time change & early morning workout, I am super pumped for it to stay lighter out, later! Even if the weather is still cold, there is something about it being light out past 7:00 pm that is AWESOME! Plus, we know we are that much closer to Spring! Image removed.

Okay, back to my "stomping grounds." Actually, I lived in Canton but not too far from the park, although this is my 1st time actually walking through AND getting some pics in front of the iconic Patterson Park Pagoda! Check out my Facebook stories to see! It's crazy what happens in a matter of 10 years...I was married, bought my 1st row home which I decorated to the "9's" (and what we could afford at the time), I started a business, got a divorce, put my house up for rent, moved back to the county, started traveling, and, on and on.

Janine Patterson Park


Canton/Patterson Park have so many memories for me, and some that will be cherished forever. It gave me a strength I never knew I had - physically, emotionally, and mentally. I pounded these very streets in my quest to run multiple full and half marathons; I grew as an adult; and I found an inner strength that I never knew I had. One that at, 29, was being faced with the reality that I was embarking on a road that would change me forever BUT it would be for the better.

So, Patterson Park, while you get a really bad rap - yeah, I would not be running through here at night - you did help me evolve into the woman I am right now, and one that I, consistently, am working on every single day.

No bullshit or settling. I know what I want, and I will not stop until you hear Janine Serio becoming a household - ahem, social media - name. Happiest of Sunday's you awesome YOU! Get a little extra #sundayfunday in today, okay?


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