Getting Back to My Roots! Plus, Some Crazy Fashion Selfies!

Getting Back to My Roots! Plus, Some Crazy Fashion Selfies!

Good Morning YOU! Hope your weekend went by a little slower than mine...and I didn't even do that much! Well, I take that back; I was pretty productive but it was with things like organizing, cooking, selling (ah yes, more clothes and more boxes), decorating, etc. Yesterday, I was in the house most of the day until the late afternoon when a much needed manicure was in order. I guess, for me, the past 12 years have been spent seeing personal training clients on the weekends. I did see 2 on Saturday BUT that is a little out of the ordinary for me. 

And while I have, slowly, pulled back on seeing clients the last couple years, I am watching myself slowly jump back into the fitness pool, and going back to my roots. While I am still trying to figure out the ultimate direction I want to go in with my Blog, it is nice to feel at home in the fitness arena.

I will tell you that I have viewed the past couple weeks as a bit of a "God Wink." Let me explain.

Playing financial catch-up since who knows when, and trying to build a business that is one-part "boots on the ground" and the other online, has been such an exciting time, yet a challenging one too. There have been many days spent in tears on the phone with my Mom (I feel like this has been the norm lately) wondering when things will get better. As a former business owner, she gets the struggle. My boyfriend has even seen this side of me, which tends to stay pretty buttoned up. Again, nothing new that I have not written about before. It can only stay bottled up for so long before it just comes out! Yes, there have been decisions/choices I have made along the way but they have been opportunities that I may never get again. I don't want to wonder "what if" at this point in my life. Okay, and maybe some purchases were a little frivolous at times too. Ha! I am trying! Do you know how many clothing items I have pulled out of my closet that still have tags on them? It is a little sickening. 

Speaking from the personal trainer's perspective, this line of work is very cyclical and unpredictable, and one of the reasons I wanted to take a step away from it. Although starting your own company DOES NOT mean you are going to have instantaneous revenue and/or stability, you do feel as though you have a little more control. Plus, for various other reasons, I wanted to be a little more behind the scenes. Fast forward 2-3 years, and I still keep that door open. I haven't really wanted to dabble back in it, full force, for fear of disappointing my clients when I tell them "hey, I am jetting off for 6 weeks" or "I am going out of town every other weekend for the foreseeable future." My Blog - the foodie, fashionista, decor-enthusiast,  and travel-guru - are my passion right now. I want to see where all of this takes me, yet I also have this sense of needing to share my loves outside of the fitness scope.

But what happens when the going gets tough? Saying "making ends meet" seems a little drastic but it's how I feel, regardless of how it looks or may be on paper. As I have said to myself over the past few years, I just have to trust the process and know that I am going to be okay. Tomorrow is a new day. With that, I had some past clients, and even a new referral, come through my email inbox and voicemail over the last few weeks. Phew, what a relief but, also, "what do I do?" Is this going to pull me away from my ultimate goal? Am I going to have that worry/anxiety when I tell them I am traveling, or cannot see them on the day/time they want, etc.? 

And then I stopped. 

There is a reason why all of this is happening, and it maybe just has to do with getting back in the trenches so I can feel like things are moving in a positive direction. Yes, business is moving in a positive direction; JUST WHY NOT QUICKER - ha! For right now, I will do what I have to do, be honest with the direction of where I am headed, and just let the chips fall as they are going to fall.

Again, there is a reason why all of this is coming down the pike for me. I just have to - wait for it - trust the process! :) And, in honor of me showing you more of my "fashion" self, here are a few crazy selfies I have taken over the last couple days (as well as the brands too)! I even included the shoes that you cannot see either. I have to up my fashion selfie game, lol! In my defense, these were for my #instastories! 

sanctuary free people


Sanctuary "Bella" Blouse Free People "Penny Pull-On" Flare Jeans in "Rich Blue"
Not Shown: Vince Camuto "Kainan" Bootie in Pumpernickel Suede


Three Dots J.Crew Lululemon


Three Dots Crewneck Tee in Ocean with J.Crew Navy & White Gingham Vest and Lululemon "Tight Stuff Tight II;" RayBan Aviators
Not Shown: Vince Slip on Sneaker


topshop nike athleta


TopShop Faux Fur Pom Beanie in Purple and Gray with Nike Gray & Black Cape, and Athleta Floral Cropped Tight Capris
Not Shown: Nike Fly-Knits in Black & White


Have a fabulous week! 

P.S. If you are keeping record, I am 2 coffees with half-n-half IN, and 1/2 of this Bulletproof Cold Brew coffee consumed! And, yes, while sweets are not my thing, the mocha flavor I tried was pretty decent! 

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