Friday Favorites: Night of Romance

Friday Favorites: Night of Romance

Anyone else feeling extra "kinky" today? I mean, it is Friday after all. Ha! Do I have your attention and, NO, I do not do kinky people?!?! Hope your week has been f-ing amazing. Yikes, time is going way too fast AND I am still feeling like I am behind with everything. Still waiting for my Christmas cards to arrive - they are going to be epic - and I have managed to get 2 gifts purchased. Yes, go me!

I will be honest, today has NOT started off too well. While my web development team was performing a security update, 10+ hours of content was erased. Gone. Ghosted. WTF and, no, I do not mean “What the Friday.” Grrr. I am practicing patience, but not a lot of understanding. Who only backs up 2-3 times a week??? Shouldn’t it be every f-ing hour?

Practicing patience…insert a whole handful of emoji’s right now.

Okay, enough about content being gone; nothing I can do but keep on plugging forward and sharing with you THIS week’s “Friday Favorites.” You ready to get a little naughty? PLEASE, joking! But this WRAPPING PAPER!

Wrapping Paper


Friday Favorites: Night of Romance

Night of Romance


#1: Deep Eddy Vodka

We all know that I love a good martini - straight up, or on the rocks, with a twist! And, while Grey Goose is my signature, there is a company out of Austin, Texas that makes an infused lemon vodka that is a real treat! Why hello there Deep Eddy! Distilled 10 times, and made with real lemons, sweetened with real cane sugar, gluten free, and hand crafted in small batches, pour this over ice, in a frozen glass, and squeeze/adorn with a fresh lemon. Get ready to have some FUN…responsibly of course!

Janine Vodka


#2: Sagamore Spirit Candle

Who doesn’t love an amazing candle? Not only does it provide warmth BUT one that smells fantastic is a huge plus too. And, no, I am not talking about any of that Yankee Candle ick. The “Sagamore Spirit Candle” is locally produced – have you tried the whiskey yet? – and hand-poured into recycled Sagamore Spirit bottles. These 14 oz. beauties make for a great gift, especially at a $25.99 price point, and come in 6 different varieties, although I am a HUGE fan of Whiskey Barrel.



While you can order online, if you live in the Baltimore area, or are coming for a visit, go get a tour of the Sagamore Spirit Distillery, then do some shopping! Definitely a destination and you will, for sure, have some fun (even if whiskey is not your thing).

#3: Pat McGrath Lip Gloss

How do you "pucker up?" Don't read into it TOO much...I mean, what is your go-to lipgloss, lipstick, lip stain, etc.? We all have our go-to's - colors and brands - but isn't it cool when you score a new look or when you are recommended a new brand by someone? I have been so fortunate over this last year to work with a handful of makeup artists who have opened my eyes to the world of foundations, eye palettes, blush, bronzers, setting powders, etc. 

Lip Gloss


THIS lip gloss, by Pat McGrath, captured my attention, and I have been smitten with it ever since! And, with a price point of $30 per tube, it makes for a great gift for the glamazon who has everything! You can even purchase mini versions in a set of 3 (like I have pictured here) that would make for the perfect stocking stuffer. Priced at $25, you can pick from warm or cool shades; the trio I have is COOL, and the color used on me for photos was "Pale Fire Nectar." That name is just bitching, huh?

But beware, according to Ms. McGrath: "Mother’s conjured the ultimate in luxe lip paraphernalia, bound to elicit soft core seduction as unforgettable as the searing memories, passion and pleasure of first love."

Have you gotten some more gift ideas? I sure hope so AND, whether you use these for a night of romance (ha!) or giving a little merriment to that person you are racking your brain trying to figure out what to get, just have some FUN with it!

Happy Friday, and BOO to technology! I need a Deep Eddy!


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