What Happens When You Have No Inspiration to Write?

What Happens When You Have No Inspiration to Write?

You go ahead and you write anyway...Happy Thursday love! Gosh, my brain has been on overload the past couple weeks and, well, the writing has not seemed to come as easy. Watch, this will end up being one my best posts, LOL. Between getting back on track from Paris, still not sleeping very well, and just juggling my personal and professional life, I have, once again, felt like I am on auto-pilot. 

If you are reading this, you may notice some changes to the "Fit4Janine" blog; this includes the introduction of my NEW logo, "Janine Serio." So bougie, right? While the transition started (almost) a month ago on Facebook, "Janine Serio" will encompass all things from the "Influencing" standpoint, and "Fit4Janine" will be all things media related. Did you know I want my own TV show one day? FYI: A new media page for F4J is coming soon too!

With the end of May FAST approaching - gosh, I cannot believe it - I have a BIG push with my lifestyle content over the next few weeks. Not only have I hired a full time glam squad (and by glam squad I mean one fabulous hair & makeup artist; yes, this is a 2nd gal I have in my beauty wheel house), but also a photographer to get those everyday photos of me living my best life (what's funny is that my selfies get more traction than professional ones). Take for example this one...

Janine Serio Guinness Brewery


These will showcase my favorite outfits/accessories/athleisure wear for Summer (and beyond), locations/establishments in Baltimore that I like to frequent, my favorite lifestyle products, and so much more! You will know exactly where to purchase and maybe even a few incentives along the way too.

Until then, I will continue to figure out why adulting is so hard - yeah, that may never be understood - keep trusting the process, and hope that I get my writing bug back. All in due time...

Cheers to one more sleep (for those who can) until Friday! 


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