I Am Not Afraid to Have Vino Alone...

I Am Not Afraid to Have Vino Alone...

Happy Saturday Loves! Hope this finds you well and having an AMAZING weekend so far. I am, currently, at the Washington Dulles International Airport, sitting at one of my go-to spots when I am traveling - Vino Volo. Did you know, this establishment was built, specifically, for airports? 

In a couple hours, I will be boarding my flight to Europe - still keeping my location under wraps for the moment - and, well, I have to say, I am NERVOUS. Maybe that is why some wine tasting will do me some good. Oh, please, I totally kid, but they have some AMAZING Cabernets - the 2016 Caymus is fabulous - that I just had to try. Plus, since I am going on a food and wine tour, I figure I need to get some practice, LOL. 

I admit, this is one of the scariest, yet most exciting, things I have done in awhile. Yes, going out to California for 6 weeks, by myself, not knowing anyone, was super scary but this has a different element to it. I am going to another country, for which I am, TOTALLY, unfamiliar with, immersing myself in all things food, wine, influencing, etc., with complete strangers, and one unbelievably influential "lifestyle blogger/influencer" in the industry. 

Just as I am not afraid to have vino (or any cocktail for that matter) alone - that took me some time - I can do this too. I mean, what is the difference between this and attending conferences/masterminds by myself? The shared accommodations have me a little weary but that is part of the European experience, right? In all honesty, this is what I need to do personally - getting out of my comfort zone - and professionally - aligning myself with like minded individuals - too. Because I have a lot of BIG goals and dreams that I want to accomplish, and these are the experiences that are going to help me reach each and every one of them. 

Here's to saying goodbye to my comfort zone, embracing the #fit4janine lifestyle, and not being afraid to drink alone. Although, I hope that will not always be the case for me...;)


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