Monday Funday: Oh, What a Weekend...

Monday Funday: Oh, What a Weekend...

In late November back in 2019...come on, I had to do it! 

Hey there Monday, and kicking off one of my favorite weeks of the year. Yes, I am all about the week leading up to Thanksgiving. As I have mentioned, I am all about the anticipation of the Holiday season and, sometimes, when we are "in it," it is hard to really embrace it. I have, always, been a fan of Christmas, although, as the last handful or so years have gone by, I can fully understand why people say this time of year can be tough.

In fact, this year I am pulling back on the gift giving too. No, not because I am being a Grinch (I LOVE buying for others) but because, financially, I need to AND spending, spending, spending is NOT what is going to make me happy. Don't get me wrong, I will still purchase more than I anticipate but it will be on a much different scale than usual.

Speaking of gifts, did you check out my "Friday Forecast" series over the last few weeks? It is giving you an overview of what I have on my list as gifts to purchase! And, starting THIS FRIDAY - ah, Black Friday too - you will be getting all of the deets on each product I have showcased and where to purchase! 

Okay, enough about THAT - plenty of time to discuss (Ha) - let's chat about this past weekend. So, as I talked about last week, Saturday, my cousin married his longtime girlfriend of 15+ years. And, I do not know what happened to me, but I was filled with so much emotion that I cried myself to sleep that night, and spent most of yesterday crying too. Here was my cousin, who I not only grew up with but felt like I raised him too. We were close. He was my boy. And I, always, thought we would have that close-knit relationship. Kind of like best friends. 

Well, 12 years went by - which is crazy to think - and it's hard for me to not reminisce about the past. I think this is why I have been so emotional. Weddings, in general, are filled with emotion but I think the wall that I had put up is starting to come down. And all of those feelings that I have kept bottled up for so long are starting to show. Normal, right? 

This post is not meant to be sad, or sappy, or "feel sorry for me." Actually, just the opposite. Today, I want to give you a little behind the scenes of what it takes to get me looking picture, video, and Wedding ready, as well as show you some of the FUN that went down on Saturday too. FYI: You will be getting all of the details on the dress I am wearing this coming Saturday! Let's just say, this dress was my date, alongside many glasses of Prosecco! Oh, and I think I may have sold this ensemble10x over again at the Wedding. 

Janine Prosecco


Saturday started EARLY - hair and makeup began at 6:00 am with one of the best in the industry, Sarah Slater Yuhas. My parents were gracious enough to let all of this happen in their home, especially with my Mom and Sister getting in line to get glam as well! Here is a peek at the village it takes to get me ready!


Just think, that was condensed into a 3 minute video. LOL! 

There was a few hours in between the Wedding & the start of the reception so my parents had the family come back to the house for cocktails, a small bite to eat, and a LOT of fun. Here is just a handful of pics for your viewing pleasure. 

Family Fun


And, as the night got going, we sure knew how to party hard - that is for sure! Again, just a few pics from the night...

Wedding Fun


...and now I need it to be the weekend again to recover from the weekend. No rest for the weary peeps! Ah, here is to a new week, new beginnings, new chapters. 

And having a whole lot of fun doing so! Wait, it does not look like I know how to have fun, huh?

Cheers loves!


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