When In Palm Springs...

When In Palm Springs...

Okay, where has Palm Springs been ALL OF MY LIFE! No wonder the rich and famous flock here! I have just been blown away by everything I have been exposed to since arriving on Sunday. From the fabulous hotel where I am staying - a future post to come - to the hospitality, food, and just overall culture. It has been AMAZING! I mean, just look at some of these beautiful pictures! 

Parker Palm Springs


Parker Palm Springs


Palm Springs


Yes, while it has been a lot of work, and some play of course (yes, this is a picture of me at the pool), I have walked away from these past few days at the Altitude Summit with a revelation of what needs to be the game changer for "Fit4Janine;" that is, Fit4Janine "The Brand" vs. Janine Serio "Lifestyle Influencer."

*If you are curious, hat is from Lilly Pulitzer and bathing suit is from Nordstrom!

Janine Parker Palm Springs


It has been eye opening, a little overwhelming, but, more importantly, a HUGE education in the areas of being a successful influencer and brand name. I will be honest, it can be hard in these situations to remove yourself from the whole "comparison trap." You are seeing individuals do exactly what you are doing, and knocking it out of the park, and you wonder when it is going to happen for YOU. I am sure everyone's idea of knocking it out of the park is different but it can be hard to not feel this sense of "what am I doing wrong?!?!" 

Answer: Nothing is being done wrong, it is just a matter of getting strategic and even MORE laser focused. 

I knew 2019 was going to be a game changer for me, and I am thinking that this week was the start to it. I mean, I ordered a protein smoothie from a local health store and, come to find out, they put ice cream in it. Who does that? And not have it listed on the menu? Yeah, after a couple sips of the uber sweet smoothie, I could not do anymore! Plus, who wants ice cream for breakfast? 

Maybe a LOT of people! Ha! 

Here's to Wednesday in Palm Springs, and "Muddled Lemon" cocktails with fresh lemon, lemon vodka, a splash of limoncello, and La Croix (again, totally out of my norm)! 

The Lemonade Stand



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