Post-Christmas Blues, And How I Am Overcoming It!

Post-Christmas Blues, And How I Am Overcoming It!

Happiest of Saturday's...and only 3 days away from the New Year! Are you as excited as I am? While I will share this in a later post, it is, definitely, NOT one of my favorite days of the year.

But, more to come about this too. 

The past few days have, actually, been filled with a fair amount of work & even some play. This is out of the norm for me this time of year but I do not mind it ONE BIT.

I need to throw myself into my work; I need to keep busy. 

I am going to back track my days just a bit. My most recent blog post, all about building the best cheese and charcuterie board, also came with sharing the FUN I had with family at our "annual" "Ladies Who Lunch," although it came after Christmas this year!

Since then, though, my days have been filled with meetings, more meetings, a family Happy Hour at a local brewery, a day of getting hair, makeup, and promoting a local (and super #fit4janine) company, and a fun night out to celebrate a year of 2 Health Nuts, the launch of Fit4Janine, and 2 Birthday's! Side Note: It just so happens my business partner and I have Birthday's 5 days apart! 

Let's start with the meeting aspect; while I should keep this a bit under wraps (and I won't be giving too much information away), I am in the process of hiring a public relations team. It's exciting, it's BIG TIME, and well, it is the next step that is needed in getting my brand out there in the world. As I have mentioned in previous posts, 2019 (beyond the year being '19 and my "number") is going to be a game changer for me. In order to do this, though, I need a team of people to take the Fit4Janine brand, and Janine Serio, to the next level! 

Janine Serio Corporate Zara Anthropologie Free People


And while I wish I had that "wingman" beside me to do this all with, because I have a lot of freaking awesomeness to give, I will go into 2019 holding my head high knowing I have the confidence and strength to be the amazing person that I am! 

Just me, being me...Janine Serio. 

Enough sappiness. I think I have cried most of November & December. Post a day filled with meetings, it was time to meet family for a little Happy Hour at a local brewery in Baltimore called Union Craft. For those who know me, you know that I am not a beer connoisseur or have a whole lot of interest like my vino BUT I took one for the team and just enjoyed the time. Actually, I found a (dark) wheat beer that tasted pretty good...and filled the "I have not eaten very much" void. So, yes, if I am to drink beer, wheat beer would be my go to! What's funny is the name of the beer was called "The Miracle."

Dear God, I need a miracle, LOL! 

union craft


After a couple drinks, it was time to go get food! What better place than one of my favorite digs in the Hampden area - just a hop, skip, and a jump from Union Craft, called Wicked Sisters. Good conversation, some quality time with my parents and cousin, and a delicious NOURISH BOWL. I could not think of a better title than "nourish bowl;" food was definitely needed! Veggies, healthy fats, rice, and grilled chicken, and I was good to go! After that, although it was starting to rain, we did a little Baltimore tradition - went to go take a peek at the lights on 36th Street! 

Wicked Sisters Nourish Bowl


36th Street


After an exhausting day, it was time for a BIG DAY on Friday! Again, I need to keep this under wraps a little longer BUT I will be unveiling 2 new videos this coming January, one of which just happened yesterday at one of my favorite grab and go health spots in Baltimore! Here I am getting hair/makeup done by the fabulous Lindsay Shields of No Filter Glam, and rehearsing my lines! 

                            glam squad     janine glam squad

                      Janine PlantBar     Janine PlantBar Rehearsing Lines


Oh, and this is me, post a long day of video production, for a little business meeting, tequila, and guacamole! Dare I say, goodnight Janine? :) Nah....

Janine Tequila


And then comes today. Saturday. Clients, workout, a bougie blowout (because why not), and out to dinner. Did I mention I was the only one in my family who was NOT invited to a family friends Wedding tonight? Yeah, I am over it.

Did I also mention that I am back to being single again, and have cried for the last 2 months over a break-up I am still not sure about the reason why? Insert lots of different emojis here...

Again, moving (trying to at least) on.

Back to what went down tonight! As I mentioned, my business partner and I always pick a day after Christmas - at least that is what we have been doing the last couple years - to celebrate a year of business and our Birthday's since they are so close together. I made reservations awhile back at Tagliata in Baltimore because I had only grabbed drinks and appetizers there and wanted to get the full dining experience. 

We started with Happy Hour at The Elk Room - another Atlas Group speciality - that is a speakeasy-like bar that had dim lights, chandeliers, couches, a grandfather clock, AMAZING cocktails, and THIS beauty (not really) hanging from the wall!

Elk Room


While I had my usual Grey Goose martini, straight up, no vermouth, with a lemon twist, the cocktails that were being concocted were gorgeous! I mean, rosemary was being lit on fire to add a smokiness and bring out the essence of the herb! 

Elk Room Boozy


elk room martini


Post cocktails, it was time to head over to dinner. Okay, I am going to share with you something that I am not proud of but I will anyway, My eating has been super off the last 2 months. When I say "off," I mean no real appetite until later in the day. Going into dinner, I had a protein bar and a handful of nuts. Definitely, NOT, #fit4janine and not something I advocate. This is real life, though, so that is why I am sharing. 

                   cheeseandcharcuterie calamari tuna


Appetizers included the chef's selection of cheese and charcuterie (yes, obsessed), grilled calamari in marinara, and tuna tartare. This was followed up with grilled salmon, and a handful of sides that included cauliflower au gratin, broccoli rabe, and roasted potatoes (I left the grains to the side that came with my fish).

Ooh, and don't you love how this picture of my salmon is sideways - ha! Yeah not sure what happened there! 

                    salmon tagliata   veggies tagliata


Oh, and vino for sure! I love that they have Worthy Cabernet Sauvignon by both the glass and the bottle! And, in typical Janine fashion, a bottle was a MUST.

Post dinner drinks included heading to Magdalena at The Ivy Hotel (another possible business collaboration) for another glass of red - this time, the Newton "Skyside" Cabernet Sauvignon - and then GOODNIGHT Janine! 

Red Wine Magdalena


Just kidding! But, phew, as fun as all of this has been, I will be ready to get back into somewhat of a routine! While I love to deviate from my day-to-day schedule, it will be nice to get back to my usual...although what does THAT even mean?!?! Ha!

Cheers Loves!


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