Ray Bans, Tory Burch, and a Champagne Vending Machine!

Ray Bans, Tory Burch, and a Champagne Vending Machine!

Ahh, good old Monday...we meet again! I don't know about you BUT I am coming off this weekend feeling beyond productive (if I say so myself). Nothing is more Fit4Janine than being organized in MOST areas of my life. While many were out running the Easter circuit, I spent my time #gsd with work, catching up on errands, cooking, getting in a Yoga and Pilates class, and so much more!

With my family out of town, this Easter was a little unconventional for me. While I was supposed to be out of town as well, as the weekend approached, I knew it would be in my best interest to stay in Baltimore and just keep "boots on the ground." One of the perks was the weather ended up being spectacular! A far cry from the cold and rainy forecast that had been predicted most of the week.

So, yesterday, after putting in a few good hours of work, I decided to grab my go-to Ray Bans, Tory Burch Cross-Body, and head downtown to enjoy the Waterfront Promenade for a little sunshine, exercise (OMG am I SO SORE from Yoga and Pilates), reflection, and walking the very path that I pounded so miles on during my marathon training, and where I, actually, called home for some time. 

It is hard to believe it has been close to 10 years since I lived in Baltimore's trendy Canton area. Well, I take that back; it was 10 years ago that my cute row home was purchased, and about 4 years since I moved back out into the county but that is here nor there. It's crazy to see all that has been developed but, more importantly, it was fantastic to see the city bustling with people. While I admit I have a "love-hate" relationship with Baltimore, it will, always, be my city AND, it was days like yesterday, where I felt like I reconnected. Although no palm trees, and a COMPLETELY different landscape, my 7+ miles of walking had me feeling like I was back in Santa Monica. 

The people, the shopping, the coffee shops & fitness studios on every corner, the restaurants, bars, water (a bit of a stretch but go with it), there was a definite sense of calmness. 

A feeling of home. 

In an effort to join in on the festivities of the day, and celebrate the "okay Baltimore, maybe we need a do-over," I found myself at one of my favorite places in Fell's Point, the Sagamore Pendry Hotel, amongst the flurry of Easter happenings, and ordered myself a glass of champagne...although, this was not just any champagne.

This came out of the Moet & Chandon Vending Machine that the Pendry owns the rights too! #champendry Yes, how freaking cool is THAT, and so Fit4Janine! I wish my picture had turned out better - it was mostly of a reflection from the sun - but HERE is a pic of the bouginess.

All you need is a token (to the tune of $25 and SO WORTH IT), and you can choose from their Brut or Rose Brut. And, while they are happy to give you a glass, it does come with "shot glass-esque" stopper in which you can sip right from the bottle. Yeah, I so had to try that!

So, while my Easter did not consist of Spring-like dresses, chocolate bunnies, or even the "usual" traditions, it was a pretty good day...and looking forward to an AMAZING week! 



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