Saturday Style: Feeling a Little Blue

Saturday Style: Feeling a Little Blue

Here's to you Saturday, and doing so with a whole lot of STYLE! So PUMPED to be launching this next month-long series that has me showcasing all my latest looks, finds, and, hopefully, deals for YOU to purchase. Remember, I never seem to get anything on sale so if I can, at least, help you then my mission is complete. Ha!

You know it is no surprise that I am a fan of Ted Baker. Wait, did you think I was going to say wine? Well, that too - more on this vino to come on Wednesday - but, seriously, Ted just gets me and I get him. 

Ted Baker & Wine


This "Mehino Bluebell Sweater" in Navy had my eye ever since I saw it debut in late Summer. Plus, I had a feeling that the blue(s) would compliment my eyes, as well as 'da blonde highlights. I love the super cute puffed sleeves, scalloped edging, and the floral patterned front that takes this sweater and totally dresses it up! 

I paired the top with one of my new favorite designers - Good American. Their "Good Waist Side Slit Crop Jeans" in Black are so freaking flattering and, as I shared in a recent blog post, I am so thrilled to find a brand that works with the athletic body type. Finally! 

Janine Full Outfit


A couple notes about both Ted Baker & Good American!

Ted Baker

  • My wardrobe consists of a handful of the brands blouses, sweaters, and dresses. Each one is a different size! While this is the case with a lot of designer labels, just make sure to try on before you go to put on for an evening out, event, photos, etc. Been there and done that! 
  • Yes, the price point may seem a little steep but I can assure you it is 100% worth it. The quality, and the compliments, far outweigh the price tag. The pieces of classic, and will be staples in your wardrobe for years to come. 

Good American 

  • PERFECT for any body type; high waisted, gap eliminating, and have a fabulous contoured waist!
  • Again, with anything, sizes very, especially based on the color. Try on a handful to find the best FIT and feel for you!

As for my fabulous booties I am wearing, these are from my personal shoe collection. FYI: They are Marc Fisher, and his stuff is pretty freaking awesome!

Cheers to Saturday! Here's to feeling a little "blue" a good way, of course!


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