Saturday Style: At Least This Sweater Will Keep Me Warm At Night.

Saturday Style: At Least This Sweater Will Keep Me Warm At Night.

Oh man, the temps have really dropped in Baltimore this week - I know, I have been asking for some cooler weather - and it has required layers, cute, puffy jackets, and SWEATERS! Yes, "sweater weather" for sure. And when I write that, it makes me think of that song by "The Neighbourhood." Google/listen to it; kind of catchy.

Believe it or not, while it may not look SUPER WARM - it is a sweater with a knit blazer over top - this outfit I am showcasing today was ridiculously cozy. AND, I got so many compliments on it too (which I love - ha). The only bummer is that I did not get to capture the coolness of the pants I was wearing. No, they were warm, but the way Sanctuary designed THESE corduroy pants was as cargo/utility pants which give them a trendiness in and of itself. I am not a huge fan of corduroy so, when I say these, I just felt they were something FRESH and DIFFERENT. Dress them up or down. Sweater or blouse. Heels, flats, or booties. P.S. They come in 2 different colors too. P.S.S. Anthropologie is, currently, running a 25% off pants and jeans sale this weekend! Most likely, as always, I did not get these on sale. Ha!

Janine Fireplace


I do need to give a quick shout-out to "The Grill at Harryman House" for allowing me a perfect backdrop for this outfit, and getting to check out what everyone has been talking about for the last HOWEVER many years! 

Okay, back to my look! Ah, I am in TOTAL LOVE with this sweater! This "Margarita Tunic Sweater" from Anthropologie is just gorgeous, and can be paired with jeans, leggings, cords, or WHATEVER. Plus, at a price point of $98 it is a great gift to get the fashionista in your life. With 8 colors to choose from, this "hits below the hips," mock neck, button detail shoulder sweater will be a must in your wardrobe, or the person for whom it may be the lucky recipient this Holiday season.   

                      janine Fireplace  Janine Cocktail


Now, on to this BEAUTY of a blazer! The "Corinthia Knit Blazer" in Dark Yellow from, you guessed it, Anthropologie, is stunning and incredibly BOUGIE (okay, and warm). It is, definitely, a larger fit but I purchased true to my size, especially since I was pairing it with a sweater. And look how cute the pink piping inside is too?!?! This picture even makes it seem like I had no idea it was there either, LOL. 

                       Janine Blazer  Janine Blazer 2


And, for this necklace, a score from Nordstrom, although I am kind of bummed the earrings were out of stock (as is this necklace too)! If it comes back in, or I find something similar, I will let you know ASAP!

Happy Saturday love! Here's to staying stylish!


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