Saturday Style: Sweater Weather With a Side of Chambray!

Saturday Style: Sweater Weather With a Side of Chambray!

#saturdayvibes includes me getting SUPER STYLISH for my cousin's Wedding today! Ah, it is so crazy to think he was a play date of mine back in the day and, now, he is getting married. Boo - I feel old. 

While the bouginess of my outfit will have to wait a little while longer - I cannot overshadow the Bride (kidding) - I DO want to talk about this look that I sported earlier this week that was comfy, cozy, and, well, I had to get over the fact that it is a "one size fits all, OVERSIZED cardigan sweater" that did not come off too well in some of my photographs. Nice run long, run-on sentence there Janine. 

I admit, I "stole" this look from the gal who was working at Anthropologie. She had on a cute pair of denim jeans with a pattern down the side of the leg(s) - I just pulled out a pair of my Good American's - and then had on this super cute sweater over top a classic chambray shirt. Ahh, I just fell in LOVE. And, while she paired it with fun booties, I pulled out my platform Ugg boots which kept the tootsies nice and toasty!

Janine Federal Hill


As I mentioned, this "Shina Chevron Cardigan" from Anthropologie is a "one size fits all" one stop shop! Even the model is pairing it with a chambray blouse and cute fedora! It's, definitely, one of those pieces that if I had not seen it in person I would not have gravitated towards it. Definitely much cuter in person and another example of not judging a book by its cover.

Janine Cozy


As for my top, I went to my go-to preppy spot - J. Crew - and picked up the "Everyday Chambray Blouse." Talk about an original name, right? Between this, and a crisp, white blouse, these should be must-haves in your wardrobe (and I am still in search of a white blouse that is the perfect FIT for me)! If you have any suggestions, let me know! 

Okay, time for me to go bust a move on the dance floor. Hope your Saturday finds you getting loose...and "blaming it on the juice!" :)


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