Saturday Style Round-Up!

Saturday Style Round-Up!

Okay peeps, we made it through January - YASSS! Pumped to be headed out of town today for 2 WEEKS! I know, crazy, right? Time for a little R&R, quality time with family, and just doing me. No Baltimore, no bullshit, just island time. And if my ass wants to sit in a lounge chair for 14 days, see what shade of bronze I can get, and drink cocktails starting at 10:00 am well, so be it!

Thought it would be fun to do a little "round-up" of my styles that I showcased this past month and, hopefully, you can snag some deals yourself! After spending a handful of MOOLAH prior to the Holiday's, I tried REALLY hard to keep the AMEX from being used and, honestly, I think I did a pretty decent job. Hmm, not so much. But there has been a handful of items I have seen that I have wanted and I used some self-restraint. The items, purchased, are what I will be showcasing on my upcoming trip. See, sometimes, you just need to give yourself some "credit" and reward yourself. And, no, that does not mean to do so via buying more (although I REALLY want to). 

Seriously, the times I have popped in and out of stores over the last few weeks, everything seems BLAH. BORING. BEEN OUT FOR THE LAST 2 MONTHS. BEEN ON SALE, THEN FULL PRICE, NOW STUPID CHEAP. Maybe when I get back from vacation I will see what is new and exciting! :) 

Let's start with what I like to call my "laid back, California athleisure wear." Maybe it is because I purchase in California; maybe it is because I feel that freaking fly when I wear it! Ha! Anyway, here are all the deets for "Look #1:" 

 Blondie Tee  Janine Sideways  Janine Pants


The "Original Retro Brand:" Blondie Whiskey A-Go-Go Graphic Tee

Lauren Moshi x Aqua Sweatpants

"Look #2:" Next up, a company whose blouses have become game changers in my wardrobe, AND jeans that fit me to a "T!" Ahh, LOVE THEM ALL!

Janine Rails & Jeans


Rails "Regan Tulip Button Down Shirt"

Good American "Good Waist High Waist Chewed Hem Skinny Jeans"

"Look #3:" Back to feeling sporty! When I saw this sweatshirt, I knew I needed to purchase. Yes, I may have the same "slogan" in a t-shirt format BUT these colors are just fabulous and, uh huh, I have gotten so many compliments! While the leggings are from Lululemon that were purchased back in October, there sweatshirt can be found HERE...

Sundry "LA NY Paris Hoodie"

Janine Sundry


P.S. The story of this designer is really cool too! Make sure to check it out! 

"Look #4:" While I may be repurposing these AMAZING "Good American" jeans, THIS "Ellen Blouse" by Abbeyglass in Blue Ripple Soft Satin is a "hey, can I ask you, where did you get that gorgeous top?" Maybe it is my blue yes, I don't know, but it, definitely, turns heads.

Janine Blue Blouse


What I love are the puffy sleeves, the slim fit which is oh so flattering, and how super feminine it is too. I have never been a fan of blouses that are oversized, and BLAH. Sometimes, blouses can be, well, just a blouse, and do nothing to give you style or shape. The print, and the cut, are a WIN in my book, and absolutely worth the price tag!

Janine Rails Blouse


"Look #5 and #6:" And, how could I forget to talk about this super cute "Rails Taylor Heart Stripe" Long Sleeved Blouse, and this "J. Crew Long Sleeved Ruffle Neck Top" in Neon Berry (with some fabulous J. Crew accessories as well). 

Janine Hot Pink


Yes, it was quite the fashion-forward January to say the least. Now, let's get through February - wait, I do not want to wish my trip away - but I am ready for the Spring weather, for sure! I guess 80+ degrees will just have to do for the next 2 weeks!


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