"S" Is For Schramsberg...And The Basics for a Low Key Dinner Party!

"S" Is For Schramsberg...And The Basics for a Low Key Dinner Party!

And, just like that, it's NOVEMBER! Happy kick off to the Holiday season (really, it's like stores have transformed, somewhat, over night) and post-Halloween candy coma. Come on, you know you want to tell me...just how many of those bite sized pieces of fun did you enjoy? No judgment here; my candy came in the form of something sparkling, which I will get to momentarily. 

With yesterday being Halloween, and just a crazy day overall with work, I thought I would do another "Thirsty Thursday" post in lieu of "Wine Down Wednesday." Yes, maybe my to-do list was a little more than I could handle but I also wanted to showcase an impromptu party that I hosted as well. As I shared on Monday, Halloween is my parents Anniversary, and it has become tradition that we do "something" on that day. When my sister and I were little, not only was Halloween AWESOME but my parents threw a huge party at our house. Between family, friends, neighbors, etc., it became a tradition. Not to mention the neighborhood where we lived had THOUSANDS - no joke - of Trick or Treaters. I could not even tell you how many bags of candy we would go through but it was pretty ridiculous (as was the loot we received). 

So, in keeping with tradition (yes, a few years we have deviated), I decided to throw a low key party for my parents. When I say low key, that it was - sister, brother in-law, grandparents, me (of course), and my parents. The rest of my extended family was invited - it is always an open invitation - but, with it being a weeknight, work, enjoying their own festivities, etc., it was a small crowd. Hey, low key or small, it still needed to have a #fit4janine flair. 

With having, recently, gone through boxes that were filled with my platters, bowls, serving pieces, etc., I realized I do not have a lot of orange/black items. I mentioned earlier in the week that I don't care for the tacky Halloween decorations BUT some beautiful pumpkins and fall decor are right up my alley. I do have a tasteful ghost platter which is the closest thing you will find on my shelves but that is about it!

A dinner party does not have to be labor intensive or "full tilt" in order for it to be fun, classy, and DELICIOUS. While a charcuterie board did not grace my table (that is ALWAYS a go to), a platter of colorful veggies, hummus, mezze platter, a good quality cheese & crackers, a fun dip, & assorted nuts/bar mix are crowd pleasers. One of my rules of thumb - regardless of what YOU like to eat, make sure to have a wide variety for ALL. Just because I may not be a huge pretzel or ham spread fan (for example), I know my crowd does. And, when there are cocktails being served, you want to make sure your guests get FED, and have lots to choose from! 

fit4janine low key dinner party


fit4janine low key dinner party 2


fit4janine low key dinner party 3


I will admit, there was no dinner being made; instead, it was delivery from a yummy Italian food establishment down the street from where I live. While the masses enjoyed their signature pizza(s), I made sure to order their "Chopped Chicken Salad" for everyone to try (and for my dinner). In case you wonder why I did not partake in the pizza consumption, it, honestly, does not make me feel great. It is super yummy, but I listen to my GUT with how I feel afterwards (and even the next day). I weight the pros and cons as to how worth it IT really is! And, for my pizza lovers, I am sure you would say WORTH IT! :)

So, while the candy was flowing, and something else was flowing too - the BUBBLY. Okay, if we are being politically correct, "sparkling wine" since it is not from France. My sister, brother-in-law, and I went in on 4 bottles of one of our FAVORITES - Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc. At around $30+ a bottle (depending on where you purchase), this is a GREAT pour for a special occasion, party, or gift! 



Happy Thursday, Loves! Here's to November 1st, and getting in the Holiday spirit! Oh yes, I heard Christmas music today too! 


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