September Wine Series: Rose All Day, Part 2!

September Wine Series: Rose All Day, Part 2!

Oh, who has those Wednesday vibes? Anyone else feel like it has been a long week already? I feel like, since LAST week, I have woken up in this "wait, what day is it" feeling. Who knows why? I mean, I only have 10,000 things I feel like I am trying to juggle right now, a house I am trying to sell, a business I feel I am working my ass off with right now just to make ends meet and, you know the drill. 

Adulting is really fucking hard. At least it is mid-week, and another step closer to the weekend, right? And, with it being Wednesday, we ALL can use a little time to "wine-down" too! This week, I am showcasing a flight of roses that I tried at a fun, and kind of quirky, neighborhood wine bar that never seems to disappoint with their wine selections. Although I had already eaten prior to Happy Hour, the food did look AMAZING! 

One more thing! Make sure to keep reading; I, also, am sharing my experience at an event I attended this past Saturday in Harbor East, Baltimore called "Vino and Vogue." Such a difference having it be held in September vs. November as it has been in years past! 

Okay, but first, WINE!

Wine & Varietals:

Les Ligeriens. D'Anjou (Loire Valley, France) - "Gamey, Grolleau, Cab Franc"

Villa Wolf (Pfalz, Germany) - Pinot Noir

Del Rio (Rogue Valley, Oregon) - Grenache

Rose All Day at 13.5


Where I Tried: 13.5 % Wine Bar in Hampden, Maryland ("Guns & Roses" High Caliber Wine Flight)

My Thoughts: I did not do a great job and writing down all the various notes for what I tasted BUT I can say that my favorite was the 1st glass from the Loire Valley. How it was described, and how it tasted, were right on point - juicy flavors of just picked strawberries. While this would make for a fabulous wine to serve on a HOT Summer day (as well as spicy food), it can be a great sipping wine ANY time of the year, as well as paired with appetizers, salads, charcuterie, and white meat. 

Janine Wine Tasting


Where You Can Find My Look: "So Low So High Cashmere Sweater" in Champagne and the "Margate Pleated Trouser" in Vina.

Janine Wine Chilling


Now, real quick, I wanted to share with you a little fun I had over the weekend at the 5th Annual "Vino in Vogue" event in Harbor East, Baltimore. I mean, a day of shopping and wine tasting is so "Fit4Janine" after all. I attended this event last year and, as I mentioned, it was so different given the time of year. Last year, although clear and sunny, it was brisk and WINDY; this year, it was a beautiful sunny day, 80 degrees, with a light breeze. 

Vino In Vogue


With 3 different tiers of tasting tickets you could purchase, it is an afternoon spent strolling the streets and tasting wines from the neighboring restaurants. What's cool is, if you like, bottles are available for purchase, although it seemed that the wine went FAST this year. Imagine that? Retailers served up complimentary cheese, sweets, and light fare, as well as offered sales and promotions for the day's festivities. 

Janine SMYM


Would you believe, though, that I did not purchase one thing? I know, so unlike me but I was enjoying my best life (day) drinking wine and posing in my new "Show Me Your Mumu" dress! Ha! After a couple hours of mingling, it was time to head over to my favorite place right now - Ouzo Beach - for my 1st (official) "Meet & Greet" and some more cocktails and conversation. Speaking of cocktails, I am kind of a sucker for their "Rose All Day."

Rose All Day


6 hours later, it was a great day AND, it was made even better when my parents decided to stop by and join in on the festivities. Between wanting to learn how to pose like a "girl boss," and just being downright silly, we know how to have a great time! Case in point...

Janine Family


Here's to Wednesday, and to all of those being remembered today. We will never forget.


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