September Wine Series: Rose all Day, Part 3!

September Wine Series: Rose all Day, Part 3!

YASSS, it's Wednesday, and I am still waiting for it to feel like Fall. Is that what you thought I was going to say? I will be fair, it did feel somewhat "brisk" this morning - high 50's - but the days have still felt ridiculously hot and humid. WTF. I am ready for those 60-70 degree days that may or may not need a light sweater, and would make me feel more and more like getting the shoes running shoes on and hitting the pavement for more than 3 miles. 

Did you know I am coming back out of running retirement? I keep talking about it, and I am wondering when this is, actually, going to happen.  LOL. Well, it is, just not as FAST - get it - as I want. 

On to more important things - like WINE! This series has been so much fun to do, not only because of the market research but because I am going out of my comfort zone with trying new Rose varietals. And it has been a lot of freaking FUN!

Ready for what's on the wine docket today?

Wine: Bieler Per et Fils 2018 Sabine from Aix En Provence



Wine Notes: "A wild strawberry flavor gives this wine a richness that's balanced by tangy lemon peel and a light, peppery character. It's a straightforward wine to enjoy in the near term" (

Where I Tried: Rec Pier Chophouse at the Sagamore Pendry in Fell's Point

What I Paired With It: Cheese & Charcuterie Board and their Famous Caesar Salad (sans croutons) with Ahi Tuna

Rec Pier Chophouse Food


Where You Can Find My Look: "Sundown Top"  from Free People

Janine Blouse


Cheers to Wednesday, and already the middle of the month. Until next week's varietal, and last week of Rose! Who knows what will be showcased come October? Any guesses?


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