Snowy Sunday's...And Wishing I was Back in the 90403!

Snowy Sunday's...And Wishing I was Back in the 90403!

Happy SNOWY Sunday loves! Here in Baltimore, we are sitting in 5+ inches of snow - well, not literally "sitting in it" - and it has been a great day of getting shit done! While I am pretty organized as it is, I have felt over the last week that I have been "busy" just not productive. 

Don't you just hate that feeling? Ugh!

It is days like these that I wish I was back in the 90403. Mind you, it's not just because it is cold AF here but the sunshine, palm trees, and Southern California air just makes this time of year seem that much better, and I ALWAYS feel that much more productive! I mean, come on, look at this awesome picture taken by the fabulous Violeta Meyners! How could you NOT feel productive amongst the beauty of this landscape?

Janine Serio fairmont Santa Monica


To be honest, I thought I would feel a whole lot different moving into 2019. Don't get me wrong, I, definitely, have this gut feeling (and, as I have shared, my gut has been spot on) that says BIG things are going to happen for me and Fit4Janine this year, BUT, I, too, still fall into that trap of wanting things on the immediate. 

I want that instant gratification.

I guess I thought I would wake up on January 1st, feeling refreshed, reenergized, not stressed about finances, not still be sad about my relationship ending, and so on, and so on. And, while I am throwing myself into my work, and hitting the ground running with projects, travel, and potential business, I have still struggled. My heart is heavy, and my stress levels are, well, still there - do they ever really leave - but I am trying (yes, trying) to do something everyday to be leading a life that is Fit4Janine. 

This is me. This is my brand. And just as I will continue to trust the process, personally, I am going to continue to trust the process, professionally, too. I have taken a lot of comfort in quotes that are coming through my Instagram feed from "Mindset of Greatness." If you are not following them on IG, or Facebook, I recommend you do so! Recently, they have spoken to me so much; take this one for example:

"What's meant for you will happen for you in a way in which you could never expect or explain. Nothing will get in the way of it and how it will enter your life. Just be in a constant state of gratitude and focus your mindset on your vision. Believe in it. It's all happening for you." 

And this one...

"Your entire life can really change in a year. You just gotta love yourself enough to know you deserve more, be brave enough to demand more, and be disciplined enough to actually work for more."

Okay, let's put the "heaviness" aside right now! In any event, I have another busy week of re-connecting with former clients, business meetings, and travel at the end of the week. And, while I am not disclosing where I am going just yet, I am giving some hints over my social media - some a little easier than others! LOL! 

Oh, and how could I forget? With Restaurant Week happening over the next few weeks here in Baltimore, I will be launching another "VLOG" (i.e. video blog) about one of my favorite historic restaurants in the area. Stay connected to my Instagram and Facebook to see some teasers to what will be, officially, released next weekend! 

And, if you are sitting amongst the fluffy white stuff, have fun and BE SAFE!


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