Building Brands, Entrepreneurship, & Social Media Marketing!

Building Brands, Entrepreneurship, & Social Media Marketing!

Howdy! Happy Monday to you! How are you? Hanging in - literally? Another week with a shelter in place; another week to continue trusting the process, staying informed yet not letting the media consume you or your mindset, and just looking forward to brighter days filled with sunshine, normalcy, and getting a manicure, pedicure, and, yes, waxing's!

I think I have shared before that there is not much more organizing I can do, especially now. I am pretty neat and organized to begin with, and this extra times has not helped. I think I finished the very last closet I could a couple weeks ago. Mind you, it didn't even need to be organized but I did it anyway. What I am going through, though, are all of the pictures/video that I have kept over the last 6+ months. Yes, they were all organized, too, (imagine that) BUT I still had a LOT in reserve. 

I came across this video (below) that is a throwback from November. I was asked to speak to a marketing class at Loyola University about building a brand, entrepreneurship, social media marketing, etc. Anyway, this was the 1st time I had watched it in its entirety since the presentation. I always have to step away from things for a bit before I view my pictures and videos! After watching it, though, I thought it kind of hit home.

Janine Presentation


I have been seeing a lot of buzz on social media lately about how working from home is as EASY as the life of an influencer/blogger. While this is only one of the entrepreneurial hats I wear, I did want to share what, actually, goes into the day to day tasks of becoming a reputable influencer...and this, in my opinion, is just the start & bare minimum.

While the video is a little over 30 minutes, if you just want to see what my average day looks like, you can speed it up to the 17:43 marker. I know, I am that good! 

Bottom line, my philosophy is pretty simple. Do what you love; love what you do; and, if it provides you a lifestyle that is Fit4You, then why not?!?! Maybe the reason why there are so many comments about this being a REAL or ACTUAL job comes from a place of jealousy? Not being happy themselves? Who knows! Regardless, I am proud of what I do, and look forward to where this takes me, even if it is a little messy and complicated at times!

Enjoy, stay healthy, and stay at home! See, you will have extra time to watch this video! Ha!


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