Travel Life, And Why I Am Staying In the "410" This Week.

Travel Life, And Why I Am Staying In the "410" This Week.

It's 5:34 am - precisely - and I SHOULD be starting my trek to BWI airport. Instead, I am sitting in front of my computer, coffee in hand, and preparing to brave the 12 degree temperatures here in Baltimore. The local meteorologist is trying to convince the TV viewing area that this is some of the "freshest air" you will encounter...yeah, not helping.

Although, if I cannot be breathing in the fresh SoCal air, then, I guess this will have to be the next best thing.

So, yes, I was supposed to be in California this week and I made the decision a couple weeks ago that I would need to postpone. In my usual fashion, I did this "kicking & screaming," well, not really, but it is just a bummer. Last year, I postponed my Cali trip twice - the first time, last Spring, I had something really special happen (I think it was a "God Wink" that I could not find a place to stay), and the 2nd, in the Fall, came after the whirlwind of a month of travel, my Sister's Wedding, more travel, etc. 

I can only hope that something BIG is supposed to happen for me over the next few days. This is the reason why I decided to postpone. My gut kept telling me I needed to stay here, in Baltimore. Sure, I have been on the go the last few weeks, just came off a trip in NYC, and, let's be real, I need to be aware of finances, but there is a pull to stay. And that is what I am going with...but, I will be honest, it does kind of suck. 

People often "assume" that I only go there to "vacation," which is SO NOT true. Side Note: Speaking of "vacation," although I will still be working, I am headed out of town in 2 weeks with my family for some, actual, rest & relaxation. Again, another reason why it was best I put Cali on hold. Oh, and don't you worry, I will be giving you clues up until I step foot on the plane - see, you already know it is somewhere that does not involve driving - AND I will be showcasing my entire experience ALL RIGHT HERE upon my return home!

Back to SoCal! Yes, I am in a beautiful location among the sun and palm trees but it is just an extension of my work life in Baltimore. Yes, I get to visit some of my favorite places to eat, shop, get some spa treatments, but I do the same thing here, if/when I want. The big difference - single digit temps and a not so gorgeous landscape. 

So, instead of it being a total bummer that I am not standing on the jetway bridge right now, about to board that beauty of an airline called Southwest (ha), I decided to "recreate" my time in Santa Monica, HERE, in Baltimore, and even Washington D.C., and give you a little more of an inside peek of my East Coast life.

From some of my favorite places (and NEW ones as well) to eat, drink, and be social (or just stare at my computer, LOL), shop, workout, wellness treatments, local destinations, and lots of other goodies that are Fit4Janine, make sure to stay connected to my blog and, of course, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Another cup of coffee is in order, and the process of bundling up too! Boo!

Happy Monday - have an AMAZING WEEK! Maybe, just maybe, I will be sharing this time next week what my "God Wink" was for staying in town. Here's hoping! 


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