I Am Kind of a Sucker for Saucony...And Possibly in LOVE Too!

I Am Kind of a Sucker for Saucony...And Possibly in LOVE Too!

Good Afternoon from what is a super frigid day in Baltimore, and one in which I owned a Canada Goose coat! At least it is Wednesday, right? So many lovely things about Wednesday - "hump" day, that much closer to the weekend, a new varietal of wine to consume, and, well, another day of living a life Fit4You.

Honestly, I wanted to get this post up and running yesterday on the "heels" (get it - talking about shoes today) of an AMAZING launch of Fit4Janine's sister site - 2 Health Nuts - the corporate wellness company I co-own in Baltimore BUT it just did not happen. I was productive in other areas of my life, so that is good thing! Seriously, if you have not checked it out, walk, jog, or SPRINT over to it TODAY. We are still working out some of the "kinks," but that is fairly normal for a launch. At least, that is what we keep telling ourselves. 

Speaking of fitness, I did want to share what is currently trending on my treadmill/pounding the pavement, and, of course, it has to do with being a little stylish as well! Because DUH! With living in gym clothes most of the time, and having health and wellness be at the forefront of my career when I am not blogging, influencing, traveling, etc., having the right shoes that are FIT for my active lifestyle are key (and essential)! I have to say, I cringe when I see people wearing shoes that they have had in their closet for I don't know how many years! I mean, the treads are worn, the support is non-existent, and, well, PLEASE, invest in a new pair of shoes! 

Look, I get it - and I get it because I have had clients share this with me before - for some people, they are just happy with the fact they are working out. Yes, that is GREAT, and there is merit to that statement BUT getting injured as a result of it is not going to help your cause. Whether or not the effects are immediate, it is slowly happening. Generally, I keep a rotation of 2-3 pairs in my closet AND this was, especially, key when I was marathon training. You should have a separate pair of shoes for your various activities, and you should be changing them out every 500 miles. For an active individual, that is about 6-8 months give or take. 

Back in November, it was time for me to get serious with my shoe purchases again. One thing I highly recommend is to get get fitted at your local running store...even if you are not a runner. My go-to's in Baltimore are Charm City Run and Falls Road Running. Not only will they put you in a shoe based on your preferred activities/activity level, they will analyze your gait as well which can be a HUGE game changer when placing you in the appropriate shoe. 

If you have been following my journey over the last few months, I have shared that I sprained both of my ankles in June 2018 and I have suffered ever since. After about 3 months of physical therapy, I got the "this is the best they will probably be," as long as I continue with strengthening exercises at home and in the gym. Unfortunately, it is kind of my reality (and new norm) - wearing heels for a long period of time make them bothersome, running (and even walking) can aggravate given the incline, duration, etc., uneven surfaces have me uneasy, and just daily activity. So, with this being the case, and knowing my activity level, my desire to (maybe) get back into distance (oh God help me), I needed to start with a shoe that provided me a LOT of stability. And, should I decide to run a 5K, 10 Miler, Half-Marathon, or even the full 26.2, well, I will cross that bridge.

Back to shoes...the gentleman who helped me suggested a pair of top of the line Saucony's (I mean, would it be anything but "top of the line") that came in a few different colors but the white pair he showcased were SO ME! Now, mind you, Janine and "white" don't always match; I have a tendency to spill REGARDLESS of how careful I am! Luckily, bleach is an option, LOL. 

Janine Charm City Run Saucony


The Saucony Women's Freedom ISO 2 have been AMAZING...so amazing that I just purchased 3 more pairs in 2 different colors and another white pair! Hands down, they have been one of the best shoes I have worn in a long time and, although they are more of a "neutral" show, they, definitely, stabilize my ankles (as best they can). And while they are priced at $160, it is well worth the money spent! 

Really, I think I am IN LOVE...wait, did you think I was going to say something else? Ha! I will be packing a pair this weekend for my out of town getaway. I do plan to get in a fitness class and a (possible) outdoor run - weather dependent. Stay tuned, HERE, and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see where I am headed. Gotta keep it under wraps a little longer!


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