Sunday Supper: I Like My NUTS!

Sunday Supper: I Like My NUTS!

Hello love, and welcome to my "Sunday Supper Series," although today is all about the "Sunday Snacks." This has been a go-to recipe of mine for the last few years, especially this time of year. It is great to put out with some lovely cheese and/or additional appetizers, or you can even gift it too. It takes your average NUT and gives it a little spice - literally. 

What else I love? It is super healthy, quick, convenient, and, if you are following the Paleo lifestyle, it is 100% compliant. Whoop whoop! Seriously, this will take you less than 10 minutes; okay, maybe 15 minutes if you count the ingredient prep too. 

And, if you want to have some fun with this video, you can turn it into a drinking many times does Janine say the word "nuts?" If you only knew how much this has been edited too! 

Hope you enjoy, and here is to the season, and getting a little freaking NUTTY!



Spiced Nuts, Fit4Janine Style

(Adapted from Elana's Pantry)


- Assorted nuts of your choosing; I used RAW almonds, cashews, and walnuts

- 1 tsp. Chili Powder, or more if you prefer

- 1/2 tsp. Cumin, or more if you prefer

- 1/4 tsp. Sea Salt & Black Pepper

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil


- In a small bowl, mix the chili powder, cumin, sea salt, and black pepper.

- In a large cast iron skillet - I LOVE my Lodge Cast Iron - place all nuts in the pan and toss under medium to medium low heat. Give them about 5 minutes or so to get warm and toasted. Just be mindful; since there is no oil in the skillet, the nuts can get brown very quickly. You don't want them to get burned!

- Once browned, drizzle a generous amount of EVOO over nuts, toss, and then add spice mixture.

- Continue to toss until all coated! 

- Serve in a bougie, and festive, bowl and VOILA! :) 


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