January Faves: How to Supplement Your Daily Regime!

January Faves: How to Supplement Your Daily Regime!

Happy Friday and, oh man, I am behind the 8-ball. Still playing catch up from the Holiday, and super under the weather. It does not matter how organized I am, I continue to feel like I am chasing my tail.

Yes, I am under the weather. Okay, I like to think that I am not sick but I, definitely, think that I have a sinus infection working on me. Ugh. I have had a handful of people tell me they do not remember the last time I was "like this." 

I know...my streak is OVER. Boo! But, this did not stop me from taping 5 videos today for upcoming blog content! Uh huh, #girlboss style. 

On the topic of health, I do attribute my supplements to keeping me in tip top shape (most of the time). I realize that I have not been diligent with taking my Vitamin C everyday - i.e. have run out - and I am wondering if that is why this has kicked into gear so quick. Did I share last week that I had the 24 hour stomach bug too. Ick.

Moving on!

January is all about how I take care of myself, and I thought Friday's would be the perfect time to talk about some of my FAVORITE products. This week, I am talking all about supplements. While there are a slew of additional ones that I take, beyond what I am showcasing today, they are under the care of a holistic doctor that I work with in an effort to help my poor thyroid. I feel like I am 80 years old, ha! 



Two items that I want to tout are what I consider to be my non-negotiables - Onnit's Krill Oil and Vital Proteins Collagen! Both are amazing for joint health; Krill Oil's Omega-3 "healthy fats" are fantastic for heart health and cognition, while collagen is a trending topic for the support of hair, skin, nails, gut health and so much more! You can get all of the scoop in my latest video!


And, if you want to purchase, you can add them to your Amazon cart HERE and HERE

Enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions!


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