Table for One...

Table for One...

Happy Friday, and kicking off the start of the St. Patrick's Day weekend. Do you have any fun plans? I was supposed to be in Chicago this weekend with family for their annual (my first) St. Patty's Day bar crawl BUT with so much happening on the home front, as well as upcoming travel, that will be put on hold until next year. Yes, a bummer BUT the weekend will, certainly, be filled - that's for sure. More on that momentarily. 

I am, currently, headed back home to Baltimore after another wonderful stay in Santa Monica! As I wrote earlier this week, there is something about the sun, palm trees, weather, and, you know, it's California that just puts me in a much more positive frame of mind. While the stress factor will always be there, it just seems a little less overwhelming. It's funny I even think that way, especially when I am spending MORE money. Ha!

Yesterday seemed like another whirlwind of a day, but a fantastic one! I got up and started my day as I always do - water, coffee, water, coffee, KTLA, computer work, and watching the sunrise from my room. I did a little organizing for packing purposes, got my act together, and headed out for a walk, some breakfast (totally obsessed with acai bowls now), and did some shopping. Side Note: So pumped that LAX has a Live Beaming stand in the Southwest Terminal. This is the same place where I have been getting this infamous bowls (more like healthy crack) this week and, while I was tempted to grab again this morning, I opted for one of my other favorites - The Mint Chip (hold the coconut water & dates; add avocado).

Live Beaming Mint Chip


Back to shopping...In case you were wondering, there is a store on Montana Avenue that is my "go-to" for bras. What can I say? Anyway, I have been in desperate need of some new ones so, when in Rome (or on Montana Avenue). From there, I made my way back to the 3rd Street Promenade where I spent some time in an athletic wear store that I will be showcasing LOTS of soon! I have to keep it on the "D.L." for now but, all I can say, is that it is made in Los Angeles, and it is SUPER BOUGIE! 

After I peeked in and out of some other stores, I headed over to my lymphatic drainage session at Shape House. This was the 2nd one I did during my stay - I talked about it in an earlier post this past week - and, needless to say, it was another fantastic session. I wish there was a Shape House in Baltimore; the closest is NYC which, hey, is not bad, right? Just a train ride away! :) From there, I grabbed a quick snack from True Food Kitchen - a gluten free chicken noodle soup made with sweet potato "glass" noodles AND roasted Brussel sprouts with a miso vinaigrette. Yes, I have eaten my body weight in Brussels this week but that are so dang tasty! Every one that I have had has been better than the next!

After a little more shopping - on the hunt for shoes with a heel that do not bother my ankles - I made my way back to the Fairmont where I organized/packed some more, did a quick 10 minutes in the sauna, grabbed a cocktail, showered, did some work, and then got dressed for a night out on the town...oh, don't get too excited, nothing super crazy. 

Honestly, nothing has even sounded remotely decent to eat. I mean, I was in such a foodie town and I still struggled with "what sounded good" every day. In general, I am just in a nutrition funk, but I really made sure to pay attention to my eating, and how often! As I walked down the beautiful Ocean Avenue, the Thursday nightlife was just getting started, and well, I seemed to detour right into the Water Grill. As a "party of one," I got a fabulous booth right on Ocean Avenue - I love the fact the it is an "open air" restaurant! I was recommended a fabulous glass of Syrah, then started with the Roasted Beet Salad that came with goat cheese, pickled pears, and a mustard dressing. 

Water Grill Roasted Beet Salad


From there, I ordered that delicious "Chilean Sea Bass" that came with a cauliflower puree, lemon chutney, hazelnuts, and a brown butter sauce.

Water Grill Chilean Sea Bass


As a side dish, I got the "Roasted Butternut Squash" that came over quinoa, adorned with pepitas and I wish I knew the sauce! It definitely had a little kick to it, which was AMAZING, and it was a beautiful presentation too! I have so many dishes that I want to recreate when I get home. And, I have a new found appreciation for quinoa too. 

Water Grill Roasted Butternut Squash


So, I guess if I cannot be in Chicago this weekend at least I will have a lot of recipes to experiment with! LOL! Actually, this weekend, into next week are going to be super busy, especially with heading back to California in a little over a week! Videos to be taped, meetings, a day trip to D.C., seeing clients, and so much more, I am sure it will be next Friday before I know it! Gosh, I felt like it was just this time last week.

Time goes by way too freaking fast! Cheers from Southwest, and somewhere moving across the United States right now. Have a fabulous weekend...and be safe if you are pub crawling or just simply getting into the St. Patty's Day spirit!


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