Taco & Tequila Tuesday: A Bloody Good Cocktail Meets a Mexican Inspired Appetizer!

Taco & Tequila Tuesday: A Bloody Good Cocktail Meets a Mexican Inspired Appetizer!

Happy May 19th! Yes, the 19th; my number, and what seems to be my everything! Here's hoping that today is a good day! WAIT, of course it is going to be a great day because it is Tuesday and it is all about Tacos & Tequila! And, if I may say so myself, I think this would be a PERFECT combination for your next #sundayfunday brunch, socially distant party, or even football tailgates. 

F-It! You know what, who needs a special occasion? 

Today I am recreating 2 family favorites - the Blood Mary AND a Taco Dip that always takes centerstage at a party. Funny, though, we have not had it in awhile and, damn it, time to break it out (and take a trip down memory lane). YES!.!.!

Cocktails first!

Are you a Bloody Mary fan? My family LOVES them and, for most parties and holiday's, they are always on the menu. I can put together a really fabulous fixing bar but it is not a go to for me. I am trying, though, because it is so trendy...and, you know me, I have to be on trend or be #trending. LOL!

Why has it not been "my thing." As I have mentioned, I think it comes back to the mixer/sweetness of what you find on the grocery store shelves. Have you ever looked at the ingredients? A whole lot of JUNK! Ick. Too much sodium. Ugh. A lot of added sugar. Not worth the calories. It has been my mission to find the best Bloody Mary mixers out on the market when good old tomato juice is not on hand. 

Some of my favorites, or what I think are the best options, when you cannot make your own?

- McClure's Bloody Mary Mixer - a little extra sodium but this is coming from the saltiness, and brinyness from the pickles. 

- Square One Organic Bloody Mary Mix

- Ripe Bar Juice San Marzano Bloody Mary Mix

While a Bloody Mary is made with vodka, or even gin, here is my take on the "Bloody Maria," which is made with tequila instead! 

Bloody Maria

Adapted by The Spruce Eats

Bloody Maria



- 3 ounces of good quality tequila

- 1 tsp. horseradish

- 3 dashes your favorite hot sauce (I have been digging Siete Foods brand as of late)

- 3 dashes Worcestershire sauce

- 1/2 fresh squeezed juice of a lime

- 3 dashes of celery salt

- 3 dashes of pepper

- 6 oz. of tomato juice (more if needed)

- Garnish with a celery stalk, piece of bacon, lemon and/or lime wedge, cucumber, cocktail, shrimp, or whatever strikes your fancy! 


- Add all ingredients in a highball glass with glass over ice. I used some really fun Mexican inspired LARGE goblet like glasses! With the booze, I used about 8 oz. of juice to fill! 

- Top with tomato juice or a clean mixer!

- Stir well, or roll back and forth as needed! 

- Garnish with anything or everything that strikes your fancy!

Now that we have the "Sunday Funday" cocktails ready to go, let's get the food rolling. Okay, I am not saying these 2 compliment each other BUT, for a tailgate or an appetizer to take to a party, it is pretty freaking FANTASTIC! And if you couldn't guess, another piece of the recipe I am sharing is adapted by the amazing Siete Foods, and it pairs perfectly with their delicious tortilla chips! 

Layered Taco Dip!

Taco Dip



For the base (adapted from Siete Foods)

- 1 container of your favorite dairy free sour cream (1 1/2 - 2 cups)

- 2 tbsp. of your favorite taco seasoning (make sure it has clean ingredients; Siete Foods & Simply Organic are great brands; creating your own is an excellent choice too)

- 1 lime, juiced

- 1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce

For the layers

- 2 heads of romaine, chopped

- 2 small tomatoes, chopped

- 1-2 cups good quality cheddar cheese, shredded

- Fresh or jarred (make sure it is clean juice) jalapeños

- Optional: sliced black olives (I chose to omit) & sliced avocado (I chose to pair with guacamole)


- Prepare the taco base; mix all ingredients - sour cream, taco seasoning, juice, Worcestershire sauce - in a small bowl.

- In an 8x8 dish, spread the base on the bottom (ideally 1/2 inch thick). 

- Layer the romaine, cheese, tomato, and jalapeños, and any other toppings that you want! 

- Serve with Siete Foods tortilla chips, and any additional accoutrements you see FIT! 

Taco Dip with Chips


Now let's get the party started! And I promise I am working on the food pictures! Ha!


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