A Little Romance In Baltimore...

A Little Romance In Baltimore...

I feel like I have been clutching my computer the last few days. I have thrown myself into my work, and I am just going where the content takes me. It is 9:20 am on the East Coast, and I am still in my pajamas, working on my 2nd cup of coffee, and eating an unconventional breakfast. Fuel is needed if I intend to stand in line to vote later today. 

As I have mentioned, I am in one of those vicious sleep patterns again. After tossing and turning most of the night, I forced myself to lay in bed for just "one more hour." My Mom swears that even if you are just "resting," you are still getting the benefits. Before I knew it, that one more hour turned into 7:00 am. 

Anyway, I hope you had a chance to check out yesterday's blog post about my weekend attending the "Vino In Vogue" event in Harbor East (located in Baltimore). Despite being in a bit of a funk, I did manage to enjoy my time with my Mom and, a last minute addition, my sister. After a few hours of sipping wine, taking pictures, and mingling in and out of the shops, my sister headed out and my Mom and I both said "we need to get a snack." It was already after 3:30 pm and, while I don't even like to admit this, I had managed to consume a protein bar in the morning and that was about it. 

While I have been to a lot - not all - of the restaurants in Harbor East, one of the places that I have only had drinks and appetizers is a newer establishment called Tagliata. This is part of the Atlas Restaurant Group who is, totally, taking the food scene in Baltimore by storm! Alex Smith and his crew know what the hell they are doing, and I cannot wait to see what else they bring to the city! Make sure to check out their "Gallery" page for more fabulous pictures! I wish I had been more on my game to grab a few more pics but the food (and wine) took precedent! 

tagliata menu


Since my Mom has not been, and has wanted to check it out, I thought it would be fun to go when it wasn't so crowded (seriously, a hot reservation in Baltimore) and, needless to say, it was only a matter of time before the bar started to fill up once we arrived! Defined as an "Italian Chophouse" you walk through the rod-iron gates, illuminated by twinkle lights in what looks like a make-shift alleyway turned outdoor seating with ivory cushions, pillows, bistro chairs, high-top tables, etc., and you just feel a sense of romance, glamour, and even a little throwback too. Did I mention the sounds of Frank Sinatra piping through made it seem that much more magical? 

Although I have never been to Italy - and desperately want to go - I find this restaurant to be more aligned with "Little Italy" in New York or Boston. I am not sure if it is the modern aesthetics, or the downtown atmosphere, but it's just fun.

It's romantic.

It's a great place for a date...even if it is with your Mom.

Upon walking into the restaurant, you step down into the bar area (I have never, actually, walked up the stairs to the main restaurant) which greets you with soft lights, rich, dark flower arrangements, bar seating around a rectangular marble top, low top tables & couches for what turns into dancing and live music later in the evening, or these fun, funky "built in" seats that adorned the outside of the bar that have a marble divider for your drinks or food. I don't really think I am doing a great job describing that last one so you might have to go and check it out!

In keeping with my tradition - LOL - my Mom and I ordered a glass of the Worthy Cabernet (one of my favorites) and decided on the chef's choice of cheese and charcuterie.

worthy cabernet


That is always the perfect item to order when you need a little something, and a whole lot of satisfaction, without putting a dent into your appetite. Speaking of wine, Tagliata has one of the largest wine selections in Baltimore. Kind of intrigued to see their wine cellar! 

cheese and charcuterie


From cheese and charcuterie, salads, soups, and antipasti, to pasta, steaks, fish, and so much more, there is LOTS to find on the menu for every palette! If you do choose to go just grab a lite snack of cheese and charcuterie, I highly recommend letting the chef present you with his/her daily choices! Never fails!

vino cheese and charcuterie


Oh, and I cannot wait to come back for dinner...;) 


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