A Taste of St. Maarten

A Taste of St. Maarten

Morning love! Hope you are having a great week...and let's hear it for the weekend! Whoop whoop! Gosh, it is hard to believe it has been (almost) 1 week since I have been back in the 410. Ugh, what a week it has been too! Slow and steady getting back into a routine; can I just say that I feel SO BEHIND and I worked every day while I was away. Grr.

Since it is Friday, I thought it would be FUN to share a little food love from my trip. Mind you, I did not get a whole lot of food pictures. I know, wtf, right? In my defense...

Big Fish


- A lot of the places where my family and I dined it was DARK. This, coupled with trying to get a decent picture, and it did not do the cuisine justice. I mean, this picture above from one of my favorite places - Big Fish - had to be BIG TIME doctored up. 

- I ate a lot of Caesar salad. There are only so many pictures you can take of "I will take the Caesar salad with grilled chicken and hold the croutons." I did get shrimp on some occasions, too, which was different. For your viewing pleasure, a pretty take in the Caesar. 

Big Fish


- A majority of my food pictures were via my Instastories. See, that is why you need to be following me on Instagram! 

- I was hungry. Taking pictures and trying to position them correctly, and in the best light, was time consuming. Just saying. LOL.

So, here is a run down of all the places we have tried, we love, and hope you can check out the next time you find yourself strolling the streets of St. Maarten. FYI: Mostly ALL, with the exception of 1 we went to last year, are on the Dutch side. Due to Hurricane Irma, the French side is slowly being rebuilt. AND, there are so many other restaurants we want to try, I have added those here too. Friends who have been rave about them so they are, obviously, good! 

And FYI FYI: This is a non-exhaustive list of places too! So much yumminess on the island!

Enjoy, and don't take a peek at these sites when hungry! Ha!


Skipjacks - A classic, and you can "pick" your own lobster. Oh and the yacht watching is pretty amazing!

Chesterfields - A good old bar & grill that sits right on the water!

Big Fish - Elegant and classy but with a casual, modern flair; the food was amazing!

Izi - Fabulous Italian cuisine in a fun, and tendy, environment

Wasabi Charlie - The sushi is ON POINT; just delicious and a crowd pleaser. Plus, look at this double decker boat!

Wasabi Charlie's


Spiga - French side; Italian restaurant nestled in a super cute bungalow; super creative food presentation

Sale & Pepe


Three Amigos

Little Jerusalem

Mark's Place

Z Best - Yummy French breakfast bistro where the omelets were hearty and full

Reveil Martin

Sunset Bar & Grill - Decent food & landmark to watch the planes fly in

The Greenhouse - Extensive bar menu with a couple locations; the one in Phillipsburg is open air and sits right by the cruise ships

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