Is There Such A Thing As "Throwback Monday?"

Is There Such A Thing As "Throwback Monday?"

Good Morning from BEAUTIFUL St. Maarten's! Omgosh, it is still so surreal that we are HERE! While I hope you are staying up to date on my Instagram (and Facebook), I will be making sure to give you the whole run down of all the FUN and shenanigans my crew and I did while we were here. Seriously, drinking LOTS of yummy coffee, watching the waves, seeing the palm trees sway from side to side, and seeing the cruise ships roll in is just breathtaking!

As I sit here, doing a little work before the festivities begin, I came across a newsletter I wrote last May that kind of talked about all of this (and brought some tears to my eyes). As you will keep hearing me mention, this was a gift for my Mom's 60th Birthday and, BOY, time sure does go fast! I thought it would be fitting to share with you today, plus I always love reminiscing about one of my many homes - California! 



May 24th, 2018

Good Morning from BEAUTIFUL SoCal! Okay, I would love to say it is blue skies and sun right now but it takes most of the morning to burn off the overcast skies. And, you know what, I am so not complaining! It is amazing what the West Coast can do for your heart and soul!
For this trip, I, actually, brought my parents along for a little R&R. Not only did they need some time away from the hustle and bustle of Wedding festivities, work, and even some family drama, but my Mom was also celebrating her 60th Birthday!
And just because my sister is getting married did not mean her next decade would be overshadowed! 
Her big trip will be coming early next Winter but, for now, my Dad and I thought this would be the perfect way to mark the occasion - SoCal, a day of spoiling, and stress free! Here is a peek at some of the places we went...and, mind you, I am not going to bore you with ALL the shopping and food pictures (ha)! And, no, champagne at 11:00 am in the morning is NOT the norm BUT life is too short to not live a little and give back to a woman who has done more for me in my 32 years than she will ever know! 
The Itinerary: Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel for a delicious breakfast, a new handbag at Louis Vuitton (yes, so fabulous), drinks at "208 Rodeo," a beautiful cheese & charcuterie board at Wally's in Beverly Hills, and then a low key dinner at a super fun, and totally chill, restaurant in Malibu called Cafe Habana. Two fun facts about this place - it is owned by Cindy Crawford's hubby, Randy Gerber (and, go figure, the only tequila they serve is Casamigos), and I had my last photo session in November taken here.
Are all of these things "Fit4Janine?" Absolutely! But the reason they are "fit4me" is because they are not things I am doing every single day. 
They are special. 
I appreciate them.
I am a firm believer in the "work hard, play hard" mentality. Some people may look at what I am sharing as "bragging" or "omgosh, who does she think she is." Seriously, I have people all the time saying "it must be nice." 
And, you know what, it REALLY is nice. 
I am so fortunate to be able to have these experiences. I am so grateful that I can come here, have time away to work on me and my business, but also get to share it with the people I love. Bills, credit card debt, and all of other life stressors seem small in comparison - okay, maybe not small (the struggle is real) but my hope is you get what I mean. 
​​​​​​​Here's to that ever evolving next chapter...and cheers to my beautiful MAMA on her next decade! 
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