Thankful Thursday: Respect, Generosity, and Modesty.

Thankful Thursday: Respect, Generosity, and Modesty.

Happy Thursday AND can you believe we are one week away from Thanksgiving? Ah, craziness, although it feels like Turkey Day has come and gone a LONG time ago since it has been Christmas EVERYTHING prior to Halloween. It amazes me how every year marketers have a way of pushing the envelope when it comes to how early they start promoting and showcasing the next Holiday (Christmas being the big one). I guess that is their job; to market, and promote, right?

In the midst of another crazy week, I have been going through some (old) pictures, and I came across this gem from 3 1/2 years ago. Talk about another "crazy;" this felt like yesterday, and it spurred the conversation for today.

Family at BHH PL


Here is a #throwbackthursday to the time when my posse and I drove from Oregon to California, I tested out the curly hair look for a bit (yes, my hair has a natural wave...or something like that), AND we stayed at one of my favorite places on the West Coast - the The Beverly Hills Hotel.

Here is a "Fun Fact," and why I will always visit this establishment when I am in California (most likely just for cocktails or dinner). Beyond it being an iconic landmark, and filled with the history of Hollywood glam, the service is beyond top-notch. And I am sure you can understand why...

After a long few days of travel (I ran a race in Eugene, we stayed at the Timberline Lodge and explored the surrounding areas, met up with friends in San Francisco, then, finally made it to our destination of Los Angeles). We checked in, we were EARLY, and we were so cool with going to the fabulous Polo Lounge for cocktails, food, and more cocktails.

Remember how I said we were EARLY? Our whole lunch was comped because our room was not ready upon our arrival. I think I insisted numerous times, and they would not hear of it. I am pretty sure I ordered another bottle of Veuve, just so our waiter could get an amazing tip!

It is times like these where you remind yourself of what money & fame can do to you. You feel powerful, you feel entitled, and you demand what you want, when you want it...i.e. Why is my room not ready when I arrived? Okay, to be fair, I am generalizing - not everyone in the limelight, or with wealth, behaves this way BUT, you know what I mean.

The experience of being able to share this with my family, and being in the moment, is something I will never take for granted. And, you can hold me to it (honestly, I do not think it is in my DNA to be any other way) - no matter how much wealth I could (potentially) make in the future, or how much exposure in the social media world I may get, respect, generosity, and modesty will always be at my core.

Here's to being thankful on this Thursday!


FYI: Want to circle back to see what I have been thankful for as of late? You can check out the last couple weeks of posts below!

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