The Best of the #410

The Best of the #410

What's up Saturday? Gosh, I think back to this time last week when my Mom and I were having coffee under the palm trees, and taking in the crisp SoCal air. Since then, so much has taken place, and I am just starting to chip away at the to-do list. 

One of the things I got to attend this past Thursday was the annual "Best of Baltimore" party. I have not been in over 10 years and, my, SO MUCH has changed! In case you are not familiar, the event takes place every August as a way to tout and recognize the "Best of Baltimore" winners in their respective categories, but also as a way to celebrate the Summer and benefit The Family Tree. 

BOB Sign


I will admit, I did not see any of the "winners;" generally, they could be spotted by mingling in a VIP section or wearing something proudly that said who there were and what they won. Instead, I viewed it more as "the place to be seen," a chance to check out, and sample, the local cuisine from some of Baltimore's trendiest - and pretty bougie - restaurants, and sip on beer, wine, champagne, and vodka cocktails. Oh, and the DJ was pretty rockin' too. Here I am giving homage to 'da Blue Moon...who really did see me standing alone. Get it? Ha!

Janine Kiss


And, can I just say, I was kind of digging my outfit, and a new look for me too. In fact, I loved it so much that I went and purchased a couple more dresses (1 in the same style, and 1 a little different) the very next day. To get the scoop, you can check out THIS blog post in which I give you an overview of all my looks from this past week!

Janine Best of Baltimore Dress


Beyond mingling, sampling and, yes, bubbly too, it was really fun to, FINALLY, check out the hot venue in Baltimore right now - The Assembly Room.  Just as their slogan states on their website, it is an "event space reimagined, versatile, and unique." The location, though, is less than desirable but, hey, hope it brings a little class to the area. Here is a scene from the 2nd floor overlooking one of the many rooms in which the party was taking over. 



The exposed brick walls, industrial feel, and over 24,000 square feet of space gave this packed party a whole lot of breathing room. While I called it an early night - I had been out and about the last few days - I would have loved to have seen the moves that went down on the dance floor. As I mentioned, the DJ was playing some awesome tunes.

Speaking of awesome, the restaurant vendors were incredible and you could, absolutely, make a meal out of the evening, for sure. With 27+ establishments in attendance, there was something for every palette! Here is just a small peek as to what was being served...

BOB Food


Talk about some culinary geniuses, and two floors of deliciousness! But, I guess that is what makes these restaurants stand out! Love that Baltimore has such an amazing food scene because the shopping could be a whole lot better. I know, priorities! 

All in all, it was a fun night and, definitely a people watching event. Would I go again? Hmm, maybe if I won "Best Influencer" (no, that is not a category but you never know what could happen). Definitely worth checking out, even at the ticket price of $125. A night to get gussied up, have some yummy, culinary eats, and whoop it up on the dance floor. 

Cheers to an awesome weekend loves!


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