30,000 Feet

30,000 Feet

Happy Sunday Love! Are you as EXCITED as I am about the time change?!?! Ha! In all seriousness, I do love the fact that it stays lighter out, later. It is a sign that nice weather is around the corner, and the gloomy winter months are in the rear view mirror. What's funny is that I have been in a constant "sleep hangover" for the past few days (what else is new), yet, today, I had no problem getting up. Maybe because I was just a tad bit EXCITED. 

Currently, I am 30,000 feet over what I would assume is the mid-west at this point. Yes, that's right; I am, FINALLY, en route to my 2nd "home," Santa Monica! I am in desperate need of a little SoCal therapy. This is one of the longer flights that I have been on to the West Coast in some time. Generally, it is a little over 5 hours from East to West, and a little over 4 hours West to East. Today, due to navigating storms, headwinds, and turbulence, the trip is OVER 6 hours. Ick. The only nice part about this is that I have PLENTY of time to catch up on work, write content for my blog and 2 Health Nuts, and just try to keep everything on point and organized. 

Circling back to my comment before - I am in desperate need of some Cali therapy. With everything going on in my life, specifically my health, I need this time to get things in check. Plus, I feel so productive when I am there that I come home more inspired and pumped than ever before. And, speaking of productive, I feel that my social media posts are that much more robust too! Make sure you stay connected here, on my blog, as well as my Instagram and Facebook (this includes 2 Health Nuts Instagram and Facebook too) to see all that I have in store! Everything from where I am staying, what I packed food (of course), some new "looks," coffee and cocktails (duh), to workouts, "long walks on the beach" (LOL), a sweat lodge, a stretch lab, and so much more! 

Have an AMAZING Sunday Funday! I promise to not take too many pictures of palm trees, sunsets, or the Pacific Ocean! Muah!


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