Are You Ready to "Tie It All Together?"

Are You Ready to "Tie It All Together?"

Established in 2010 as a pop-up maker’s market, then expanding into a store of its own in April 2014, Becket Hitch offers a collection of stylish home goods, accessories, and gifts that excite & inspire customers to create a unique expression of themselves! 

I had the pleasure of meeting owner, Kohli Flick, who sat down with me to discuss the inspiration behind her business, what sets her apart in the industry, and what is trending for Spring! Click below to check out the full interview!


As Kohli mentioned, the products and merchandise she brings into her store represent what she likes, what she wants (or even has) in her own home, and what she would like to give as gifts.

Becket Hitch


She strives to find makers and artisans that align with her brand, and have a great deal of meaning behind them. Here are just a few of the items she has in store that compliment her "love of a great story."

Saint La Vie, a Mexican-based company out of Cancun & Tulum, designs these bags, totes, purses, and clutches by means of recycled chocolate molds (1x used plastic) from a local chocolate company.

Becket Hitch


The molds are melted down, and then the material is used to weave together these masterpieces! How FUN to take with you on your next vacation, to the pool, or just to tote around? You can never have too many, right? And I just LOVE the bright, bold beautiful colors too! So Fit4Janine! 

Chez Gagne not only puts out these fabulous mugs BUT she also just launched these double-sized wine glasses (although blurry, the one in the picture reads "self care"), and, of course, her signature "on the rocks" glasses too! 

Becket Hitch


Hands down, Kohli has one of the best assortments of mugs and glassware, which, I promise, will be conversation starters. 

My favorites? "Adulting Is Hard," "Get Shit Done," "Good Things Come to Those Who Work Their Assess Off," and "Welcome to the Shit Show!" Funny enough, she cannot keep these on the shelves...and I can, totally, see why! 

Janine Becket Hitch


Becket Hitch


Brand new for Becket Hitch, the Juliska dinnerware line is not only beautiful BUT it is totally utilitarian & practical too!

Becket Hitch


You can bake, freeze, microwave, and dishwasher them! Umm, AMAZING! With the option of a traditional vs. modern pattern, Kohli and her staff are more than happy to order full place settings to fit your needs. Whether it is for your Wedding registry, or you are moving into a new home and want a fresh start, these would be a perfect addition, and make quite the statement too! 

Ready for a little throwback? The Little Worlds Project is so reminiscent of a childhood friendship bracelet I cannot even stand it!



You chose one word that is "Fit4You," then go online to register it via its own personal registration number. When you find you no longer "need it," or you feel that someone else needs it more, you pass it to them, they register it online, and then, ultimately, each bracelet has its own story. Ahh, how cute is THAT!

One of Kohli's loves is her "Empowered Women's" section. A favorite gift is by Uncle Goose called "Women Who Dared." These blocks are made in America, and each one has a picture, a quote, facts, etc. of women who made significant contributions and persevered. And, in the words of Kohli, "these blocks are not just for babies." Ha! 

Becket Hitch Blocks


One of my favorite spots in the store is up next! Well known for their fabulous selection of cards, Kohli hand picks each one from women-owned independent presses and artisans from around the world!



While they carry the traditional birthday, anniversary, wedding, birth, thank you, sympathy, etc., they are not what you are going to find in Hallmark! Each one comes with a twist, especially their snarky "adult" card section! LOVE IT! If you can't be a little innappropriate...

And, finally, simple, elegant, and very Fit4Janine, the "Clare V" line - based out of Los Angeles (I have been to the store in Santa Monica) - has fabulous clutches, handbags, flat pouches, etc. that are TOTALLY worth the price tag. Whether you want to dress up your athleisure, or want a fun "wing-man" to go with your outfit on a Saturday night, this line is a MUST to check out! I am kind of obsessed with this pink "leopard" clutch! 

Clare V


This is just a small glimpse of all the fabulous items Becket Hitch offers! If you live in the Baltimore area, make sure to stop in to their BEAUTIFUL new location in Greenspring Station, just down the hall from where they put down roots 5 years ago! And, if you want to shop the store from the comfort of your home, Kohli has a fabulous selection of merchandise on her website. Check it out at! 

Happy Shopping, and tell Kohli and her fabulous staff I said "HEY!" Oh, and make sure to check out THIS section too! #fabulous

Becket Hitch



P.S. Use the word CRABTASTIC in your daily vernacular. JUST DO IT! And, if you are not sure what I am referencing, make sure to watch the VLOG! :) 

P.S.S. Outfit styled by Sol Angeles, May Designs, & Loeffler Randall; FYI: the skirt from May Designs was purchased at a conference I attended in Palm Springs. As of right now, the clothing items are not being showcased online BUT feel free to send them an email if you are interested in purchasing & seeing their prints! 

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