'Tis The Season Thursday: 34th Street

'Tis The Season Thursday: 34th Street

And, just like that, Christmas Day has come and gone. It really is crazy that it came & went in a blink of an eye. This holiday just felt short, in general. As much as I have shared that this one has been a harder year for me, there is something that is sad when it is over. This is why I am someone who is all about the kick-off which, in my books, happens the week of Thanksgiving. I am that way with a lot of things. I like the build-up BUT when the, actual, day gets here - whether is it a Holiday, Vacation, Party, Wedding, etc. - it is just blah. Crazy, I know. 

Anyway, enough about THAT. I, truly, hope you and your family had an amazing Christmas! It was a great one for us - a little different - but nice to say the least. And, like most Christmas songs say, "this time comes around every year." If you are a little like me, though, and feeling the post-Christmas blues, you should, definitely, try to keep the merriment going until the New Year! Are you ready for 2020 as much as I am?

Janine 34th Street Smile


If you live in the Baltimore area, an iconic Christmas spot to check out is our very own "34th Street." Located in Hampden, Maryland, 2019 kicked off their 73rd year! Actually, they have their own site for which you can take a peek HERE, and what I have quoted throughout this post. While the public can view the lights from 5:30-11:00 pm every night for the month of December, they are lit all night on Christmas & New Year's Eve. "The street has been nationally recognized by Nightline, The Travel Channel, the Maryland Lottery, and Home and Garden." Again, these are just to name a few! 

34th Street


What can you expect? Crowds, yes, depending on when you attend but, more importantly, row homes with every imaginable twinkle light, signs, themes, Christmas EVERYTHING, etc. I think they even give a nod to Hanukkah too! Each house trying to out-do the other. Some of the yearly favorites include the "hub cap Christmas tree, a bike rim snowmen, overhead trains, the Big Red Lighted Crab" and, my favorite, Mr. Natty Boh and Ms. Utz's (Baltimore icons - LOL). 

34th Street 2


And, once you are done exploring, getting pictures, and looking for a place to get warm and cozy, there are so many amazing places to eat on shop on the infamous "Avenue" to check out. I may have showcased a few of my favorites once or twice BUT here are some of my go-to's post light show!

The Food Market

13.5% Wine Bar

Bluebird Cocktail Room

Wicked Sisters

Definitely check ALL of these places out...include the miracle on "34th Street." Once again, from my family to yours, I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

Here's to a happy, healthy, and fabulous New Year!


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