Trumpin' Around Washington, D.C.

Trumpin' Around Washington, D.C.

Another frigid day in Baltimore; luckily, I decided to go "South" yesterday for a little bouginess and travel. And by "South" I mean to Washington, D.C. Ha! Come on, that was a GOOD one! Plus, if I cannot be at the gorgeous Fairmont Miramar, I needed to have a "comparable" work space, right? Yes, even if that means sans palm trees and warm(er) weather.

I mean, take a peek at this BEAUTY of a hotel! Fun Fact: It was Washington's "Old Post Office" which has been "restored far beyond its initial grandeur!"

Trump International Hotel Washington D.C.


Trump International Hotel Lobby


Trump International Hotel Lobby Bar


One's political views aside - not touching THAT one - the Trump International Hotel in D.C. is simply gorgeous, majestic, regal, screams LUXURY, and, well, whatever other adjective you can come up with. According to Forbes Travel, this hotel was named "One of the Most Luxurious Hotels in the World fort 2018." Although I did not see much more than the main lobby level, and had a view of the open, 2 story "BLT Prime by David Burke" restaurant, I can, absolutely, see why this hotel was on the list! 

I was fortunate that the hotel was quiet - I am sure it can be quite the meeting/tourist attraction. I can only imagine this has to do with the government shutdown but, regardless, I will take it! The lobby bar & restaurant, Benjamin's, was a lovely spot to whip out my computer, have another cup of coffee (because all the caffeine is needed) and, then, a fabulous glass of "Blanc de Blanc" by the man himself - TRUMP! Oh, and it cost $19 by the glass, so I knew that was what I needed to choose! 

                                   Coffee at Benjamin's     Trump Blanc de Blanc


Plus, who wouldn't want to be sitting underneath massive chandeliers, sitting in gorgeous velvet chairs, and just feeling like royalty! I am kind of getting some great ideas for future living room spaces. The blues, golds, and creams are so freaking striking I cannot event stand it. Dear future husband - or even just self (if that does not happen again) - ? THIS is what I am working towards! 

Trump International Hotel Seating


Prior to heading to my next destination, FOOD was definitely needed. So, in true Fit4Janine fashion, the only thing that seemed remotely enticing was the assortment of cheese and charcuterie selections. And that is, exactly, what I did! I was given the recommendation to try out the "Clothes Line Bacon" (and, no, it is not called that) but that will have to be next time! 

          Trump Hotel Cheese & Charcuterie     Trump Cheese & Charcuterie


Yes, you are seeing 3 different boards and NO, and I did not consume by myself. Still wondering why these pictures show-up "rotated." Grr. Technology. 

My business partner in 2 Health Nuts, Daria, was teaching one of our many on-site fitness classes in D.C. so she joined to drink the Fit4Janine kool-aid (ha), talk a little business, and then we pushed on to Bethesda. 

Okay, seriously, have you been to the Bethesda area? More importantly, Bethesda Row? OMG. While a slightly smaller scale, it is like being on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica - sans palm trees and insert more old-world, historic charm. Think brick, cobblestone, alleyways shops, restaurants, etc., and almost every store you can imagine, and then some. Oh, and the fitness "brick and mortars" seem to monopolize a couple blocks alone!

 Bethesda Row   Bethesda Row Sign   Bethesda Row


Here are just a handful of pictures to share with you. SO MUCH MORE! I am sure the area looks fabulous at night when it is all lit up with beautiful Christmas/White Twinkle lights. Let me highlight these 2 places, first, since I was so freaking pumped to see! A 3-story Anthropologie - yes, everything you can imagine - just made its debut AND it houses the Terrain Cafe! AND, Philz Coffee just opened too! I am in LOVE!

         Anthropologie Bethesda     Philz Coffee Bethesda


Doesn't it seem like I am back in my "happy" place? If I cannot be on the West Coast this week, THIS was the next best thing.

Kate Spade   The North Face   Lululemon Bethesda


Sweetgreen Bethesda


Williams Sonoma Bethesda   JM Bethesda   Lilly Pulitzer Bethesda


Cava Bethesda


Blue Mercury Bethesda   Sassanova Bethesda   Amazon Books Bethesda


Oh, and how could I not leave without getting my hair blown out at my FAVORITE blow dry bar - the Dry Bar! I have tried many other franchises/salons, and the Dry Bar just has it together! They never disappointment and are, always, spot on with my look! My 3 all-time favorite locations include Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, Soho Bloomingdales in NYC, and Bethesda Row in Bethesda! Really debating getting back into their monthly membership "Barfly" program! 

Bethesda Row DryBar


                              DryBar Bethesda     Janine Serio Blowout DryBar Bethesda


Loving my "pin straight look" and cannot wait to recreate with my latest styling tool - and what has been on my "wish list" - The Tress Press! It can both straighten & curl, smooths & shines, and, well, I cannot wait to donate my straightener that I have had FOREVER. Hey, when you spend a decent amount of money for something you, HOPE, it lasts! 

DryBar Tress Press


A little after 4:30 pm, we were back on the road - in TOTAL D.C. & Baltimore traffic - and back in the "410" a little before 6:30 pm. For a Tuesday, it treated me very well and, boy, I know where I will be headed to SOON! 

Okay, you know what is on your list of things to do! Be a tourist, or do a little biz work, at Trump Hotel, grab a cocktail and a cheese & charcuterie board, then, scoot over to Bethesda Row to shop, get a blow out, shop, eat, shop, workout, eat, etc. LOL!

Enjoy! And, if you know any spots in the area I should check out the next time I take a road trip, PLEASE share!


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