Thankful For MUMM!

Thankful For MUMM!

Happy Thanksgiving you awesome YOU! From my family to yours, I hope you and your family have a FABULOUS day spending quality time together, eating some ridiculously yummy food, and, well, living a life that is Fit4You! 

Gosh, it is hard to believe that it is Turkey Day. I know people feel it is tripping them up due to it being SO EARLY - okay, I get - but I just feel this year has been such a whirlwind. 

And, as much as you may know, or will get to know over the next few weeks, I LOVE the Holiday's! As I mentioned in Monday's post, though, I am all about the lead up to the festivities. Thanksgiving, definitely, kicks it off but I love the decorating, shopping, parties, and pomp & circumstance. 

I started today just like I do most days - water and coffee with collagen. I am trying a different collagen than usual; this is what happens when you run out, right before a Holiday, and you just cannot deal. Back in September, when I attended the Natural Foods Expo in Baltimore, I received a handful of samples from Primal Kitchen. Although they are flavored - one is Vanilla Coconut and the other Chocolate Coconut - I was up for trying it out. P.S. If you want a 10% discount off your 1st Primal Kitchen purchase, enter the "Fit4You" code at checkout! 

primal kitchen collagen


The chocolate one I added to my 3rd, yes 3rd, cup of coffee with 1/2 & 1/2 actually tastes a little like hot chocolate. A little #throwback on this "Throwback Thursday" to my youth...and this crazy cold day in Baltimore! 

After I did a little computer work this morning, I managed to put on my new Saucony Kicks (make sure to check out my Instastories from earlier today or HERE) and got in a solid workout today. I am still trying to figure out why some of my pictures come up sideways like this?!?!

janine saucony


While I have not been feeling great, and I am, definitely, not one who usually works out on a Holiday (or feels the need to workout so I can eat/drink whatever I want - ugh), I just felt I needed a change of pace this year. I have a lot of nervous energy that needed to be used, so I grabbed my big ass water, bundled up, and sweat it out!

Side Note: If I had a dollar for every person I heard say "oooh, I deserve an extra slice of pie," I would be RICH. And I was in one of those moods that just wanted to say "yes, go eat that 2nd or 3rd piece." Insert eye roll.

While the rest of my festivities will be showcased via Instagram/Instastories today (*make sure you stay connected when you are not eating turkey & stuffing), I did want to share what I am thankful for this year. 

I am thankful for this journey that I am on, and for how much I have evolved, as a person, and the life lessons I have learned over this last year. 

I am thankful that I had an open heart to break through some of my own, personal barriers, gained the strength to trust again, and, most importantly, know that I will be okay no matter what.

I am thankful for my health, the body I was given, the ability to be a girl boss & entrepreneur, and living a life that #fit4janine.

Finally, I am saving the best for last...I am thankful for my family. These are my peeps. This is my support system. They are my rocks. They have been through it all, and seen me in good times, sad times, laughed with me, let me cry on their shoulders, and so much more.

It is because of them that I have the greatest gift to share with all of you as we approach 2019 - Janine 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, lol. Let's just say "Janine, the Next Chapter."

mumm champagne


Happy Thanksgiving! Now, it's time to pop the bubbly and get this party started! "Mumm's" the word! ;) 


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