Veuve, Foraged, and Trust...

Veuve, Foraged, and Trust...

And it, actually, went in that order.

Happy Sunday Funday YOU! How are you getting after it today? While nothing new, I have been in this crazy funk with my sleeping. The past couple days have been a little better BUT it is though my mind cannot quiet and chill the F%$! out. Maybe it is because I have a lot of things going on right now, or maybe I just need to start taking melatonin or Tylenol PM - ha. If I was being super organized (and a little geeky), I would totally chart my sleep pattern out on an Excel spreadsheet to see the correlation(s).

But who has time for THAT...or wants to do that anyway? 

One of the reasons I may not be sleeping is because I have all of these ideas when it comes to new content for my blog AND the fact that there is going to be a BIG, AMAZING change/transition with not only Fit4Janine but for Janine Serio starting this Wednesday, May 1st. Umm, I think you need to get really excited, and STAY CONNECTED with me on Social Media!

Back to content for the blog. I was recently asked how long it takes me to write these pieces. While some come a little easier than others, and some are a lot longer than others too, for the most part, I can "bang it out" (why that makes me laugh) in an hour or two. Again, very dependent on the content.

While I do want to focus on the amazing restaurant I had the pleasure of trying on Friday evening, I want to start with talking about "trust," and, yes, it may have been spurred by a fabulous glass, or 2, or 3 of Veuve Clicquot Champagne. 

Trust. One of life's biggest power players.

I have shared my struggles with the idea of being able to "trust again." Beyond small "blips" in my life with friendships that have let me down, the biggest hurdle has been from getting divorced; more specifically, the thought that the person you made a commitment to "for better or worse," would go behind your back and cheat. 

For me, it was the, ultimate, betrayal. 

I have spent the last, gosh, 4 years now, trying to wrap my head around it. You hear about it happening all the time (which is sad to even write) BUT, when it happens to you, it's that feeling of the wind being knocked out of you, and you are, desperately, trying to catch your breath. 

As time has gone by, I have healed - I guess that saying really is true - but what I am faced with today is more a trust in myself. 

Am I a good judge of character?

Will I be hurt again?

Do I go with my gut & instincts (I mean, they have been spot on), or is that just going to lead to disappointment? 

Am I the reason my ex-husband walked out the door one morning and never came home? Did I not provide enough? Was I not good enough? While fleeting thoughts, they still come back to rear their ugly head!

In my journey, one of the quotes that I keep by my side is from Ernest Hemingway. It says "the best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them."

I mentioned in a recent blog post that people get a very different impression of me upon first meeting, and it comes back to this very idea of being guarded and "can I trust?" Although I still question it, I follow my gut. And, while super scary for me, I have found this is what I need to do to help me in this process. Regardless of the outcome - and being so damn cautious of not getting hurt - trusting your heart and going with your instincts will be what leads you on the path to happiness. 

And I wish for that every single day. 

Do you need a glass of Veuve now? LOL! TRUST ME, that sounds like a grand idea with Brunch! Speaking of food, I had an amazing dinner on Friday at a fabulous farm-to-table restaurant in one of Baltimore's super trendy and eccentric neighborhoods called foraged eatery in Hampden.

This cozy & casual space, which is a converted row home to restaurant, is lined with wine bottles, fabulous greenery, brick walls, wooden farm tables, a splash of industrial fixtures, and a small "peek" at what is happening in the kitchen.

foraged greenery


Did you know that term "forage" means "of a person or animal who searches widely for food or provisions." Hence Chef Chris Amendola's basis for the restaurant - "a chef's love for finding food in nature combined with a love for cooking great food."

With a menu that changes with the seasons, it is the restaurant's "trademark" if you will, to provide "new and local flavors & ingredients throughout the year." 

On a scale of "1-10," I would, definitely, give the food an 8. The preparation, presentation, and unique approach to the farm-to-table aspect of being "deeply rooted in the woods," was fantastic! The only thing I would have liked to have seen a little more "pep" with is the drink menu. Maybe I am a snob when it comes to what I like - and maybe because fabulous champagne was consumed before dinner (click HERE to see WHY you need to drink the best bottle first) - but the options were just okay. Honestly, it was totally cool - the conversation and food took precedent! Beer and wine take centerstage here so, if you are looking to grab a cocktail, check out some of the other cool craft cocktail bars/restaurants in the area beforehand! 

What was on the menu? I will start by apologizing that I did not get a lot of pictures of the interior, as well as the drinks and "1st course" but use your imagination. I started with a glass of Sparkling Brut then split the ricotta with toasted baguette, squash, & walnuts alongside an amazing cast-iron dish of cornbread. I kind of have a thing for cornbread; I don't know why but it is a total weakness (I don't eat it very often) and THIS was melt in your mouth! I even tried the garlic-infused butter with it and OMG. 

Next arrived this super innovative, and totally delicious (if mushrooms are your thing), mushroom stew with pine nuts, poached egg, and ricotta. Interesting, intriguing, and ridiculously good!

foraged mushroom stew


To finish, I split another one of my favorites - and weaknesses - pork belly with a chestnut puree, chicken mushroom sausage, and a beautifully adorned deep fried egg (yes, you read write) along with scallops and spring vegetables in fabulous "now slipping my mind" reduction. And I call myself a "blogger" - ha. 

foraged dinner


Now that you have your glass of Veuve, are you hungry yet? When in Hampden, make sure to grab a reservation at this "hyper-seasonal eatery." I promise, you will not be disappointed! TRUST me! ;)


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