Taco Tuesday: Vida Taco Bar

Taco Tuesday: Vida Taco Bar

#YASSSS So pumped to kick off #tacotuesday with my latest series, "Janine vs. The Tacos & Tequila," which includes giving you a sneak peek at some of my go-to places in Baltimore to grab some amazing tacos, tequila, and maybe even some mezcal. 

First up, an establishment that I just, recently, stumbled upon after hearing so many people on social media talking it up, and one that I walk by on the regular when I am going to and from my SolidCore class. Nothing like the smell of tacos when you are working on your core, right?

This was the 2nd time I visited the restaurant - the 1st was just for drinks - and, I must say, I was super impressed. I mean, look at this face; it says it all! LOL! Don't mess with a girl and her tacos! 

Janine Vida Taco Bar


Although I bellied up to the bar, the staff was super accommodating - the chef even made sure to ask how I liked the presentation too - and the bartender and waitress even took a tequila shot with me. I know, how bold of me during the day. Somehow my arm was twisted. This is the "Janine Serio" lifestyle after all. 

I started off getting a a margarita that was "Fit4Jainine" - freshly squeezed watermelon with Casamigos tequila. No added junk. Yes, the liquor is too good to mix but I like what I like...and because George Clooney and Randy Gerber are beyond freaking hot. I need to support the cause. I don't know about you but I kind of think this picture looks a little obscene, ha! Oh well, you just go with it...and the drink was so delicious and refreshing! 

Watermelon Tequila


While I tend to shy away from too many chain restaurants (do 2 other locations consider it a chain?), the vibe, atmosphere, and the food, definitely, do not make you feel like it is your average taco establishment. Let's start with appetizers! So many awesome choices BUT my recommendation for a starter is their homemade guacamole. Who doesn't love avocado anyway? Ahh, so AMAZING! And, yes, I will be the first to admit that I eat the guac with a spoon - sans chips - unless veggies are involved, and there may have been too orders of this one. Come on, it seems tiny!



Now, on to the tacos. Again, so many options to choose from but the tacos were calling my name. I love the fact that you can get your "FILL" (I am just full of the funny's today) in a flour, corn, or lettuce shell. YES, FINALLY, some healthy options! I chose to mix my tacos with a combo of corn and lettuce tortillas, and I tried the Korean Pork Belly, Lamb Barbacoa, Seared Scallops, and Tinga Chicken. Needless to say, each one was better than the next BUT, if I had to "rank," it would be as followed - Korean Pork Belly, Tinga Chicken, Seared Scallops, and Lamb Barbacoa. 

Vida Taco Bar


Honestly, I do not think you can go wrong with any of the filling varieties. All are fresh, super tasty, and have a flavor profile that will leave you asking the chef "okay, tell me more." Okay, I have made myself really hungry now! 

Vida Taco Bar


Alright, what are you waiting for? Are you hungry too?!?! This is just the start of my "Taco Tuesday" series, so you have plenty of time to go check out all of the restaurants I will be showcasing over the next few weeks. Love to hear what you like and/or what you get when you try any of these places out! 

Hope your Tuesday includes some tacos, tequila, and living your best life!


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