Keep Calm, Carry On, and Work Virtual!

Keep Calm, Carry On, and Work Virtual!

Happy Monday and, YES, I AM SO PUMPED to share with you SOME EXCITING NEWS! I know, I know, this is kind of last minute but I have heard from so many individuals who are looking for something just like THIS, that I knew I had to develop, press publish, and share! 

One more thing - I know you cannot wait to read (LOL) - you will ONLY be able to book via social media and my weekly email newsletter. Instagram & Facebook will have a "call to action" on where you can access my calendar, and, if you are not already part of my weekly email newsletter, head back to my homepage. If you are not prompted to sign-up (you may have to refresh), scroll to the bottom where it says "You Should Sign Up For My Newsletter!" See, easy enough! :)

Okay, you ready?!?!

My "VIRTUAL CONCIERGE COACHING CALLS" will OPEN up for booking THIS COMING Friday, March 27th - Sunday, March 29th!

This 30-minute coaching call allows YOU, the client, to work with me 1-on-1 on all things LIFESTYLE! Come prepared with the agenda; I am letting YOU take the lead and I will guide, assist, and help you navigate! I mean, we could all use this right now. 

Want some help with upcoming travel? You know you can find me at 30,000 feet A LOT. Want to know what you should keep, sell, or donate in your closet? Maybe you need a little organization help too?!?! Want my go-to gadgets for preparing super healthy meals, or easy ways to meal prep for your week? This is just a start!

While this is not an all-inclusive list, these are examples of ways that you can utilize my platform to get a little more customized with your lifestyle goals! Again, you are in the driver's seat; I am here to share my experience, advice, and connections with YOU! More information to follow in the next couple days, so stay tuned!

AHH, CANNOT WAIT to WORK WITH YOU!! All calls will be done via Zoom, and will be scheduled between April 6th-May 4th through my online booking system. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email!


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