What Do You THINK?

What Do You THINK?

How you doin' Monday? And it looks like it will be another month of THIS...athleisure, computer work, and having a lot of time to THINK. Do you find yourself having a lot of time to think as of late and, possibly, having to work with a makeshift computer because yours decided to GHOST you and you are waiting for a new one to arrive?

Janine iPad

Yes, I am right there with you.

And, although I am filling my days with all things WORK, some of those very thoughts are what I am going to be sharing with you in an upcoming blog post! That's right, you are going to be getting up close and personal with ME. Wait, don't I do that already? LOL. 

This includes everything from being super self-conscious to the way I look - uh huh - to where I am at my age (definitely not going there), and what I hope will evolve by the end of 2020. Part of me think it is cathartic, and part of me wants you to know that I am right there with you when it comes to feeling the body image struggle, the relationship WTF, and what is happening behind the pictures you see on social media. 

Because, as I listened to an IG live recently, I could not agree more with what this couple shared (and what I just relayed to a friend of mine too). There is a REAL LIFE behind Instagram/Facebook. Although my daily mission is to be as vulnerable as possible with you, the majority of people skim the words and just look at the picture. 

So I do hope, when this gets published, that you read...and I will try to limit the amount of pictures. 

Have an amazing week! Let's get these next 30+ days GOING! Stay well and healthy!


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