When You Go Off Script...

When You Go Off Script...

Today, I did something that I have not done in a really long time...if not ever! Yes, I have sat on a panel before, and have been asked "off the cuff" questions BUT I have never had it be a "one-on-one" taped segment. 

My marketing team wanted to do a very FUN, informal, interview that was geared towards getting to know ME a little more, how I got into the influencing industry, what are the "pain points," where do I want to take the Fit4Janine brand, and so much more!

Janine Mojo


And, as we joked, if things didn't get a little inappropriate, then we were NOT doing our job right! :) Seriously, I need a little levity in my life! 

I have to say, as much as I like to have a script in front of me, this was really fun to practice my interviewing skills and not be so reliant on lines and hitting every point to a "T." This was a GREAT precursor to what the 2 Health Nuts are about to embark on tomorrow (more to come soon). Plus, it shows a realness and authentic side to your audience. People LOVE this (me included)! 

You know what else people love? All the "behind the scenes" bloopers from photo/video shoots. I know this firsthand from this past week when we showcased all the fun that was had during my last video which goes LIVE next week! If you have not seen them yet, make sure to check it out on my Instagram and Facebook feeds! 

So, the moral of this QUICK blog post today? Going "off script" is another awesome practice in letting go of this need to "be perfect," not overthinking it, and just being your freaking self! 

Janine Social Media


And, when I was not checking emails, or social media, I was laughing my ass off, and totally giving my team a hard time! Let's just say, we are family now!

Thank you to Sarah Slater Yuhas for the hair and makeup, Daria Shaw for the photos, and for Sanctuary for this fabulous leopard blouse! I wish you could have seen the shoes...for next time! And, of course, MOJO for the interview and filming! 


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