Where In The World Is Janine Traveling Next?

Where In The World Is Janine Traveling Next?

Happy Monday YOU! Hope your weekend was a little different than last weekends! I have feel like I have been on an emotional roller coaster lately - everything from feeling super restricted, to selling a nightmare of a house, to being single, to my job, money, and just EVERYTHING. I had my moment of tears over the weekend but, as my Mom said to me, "you have to do everything in your power right now to keep the train moving. Things are going to get a LOT better!"

I think this is why I decided to focus on something that I love, and cannot wait to get back to doing - TRAVELING! When this will be, I am not sure, but I hope sooner rather than later, and I am already getting my plans in "place" (or an idea of where I want to go). 

My latest trip, of course, was canceled. I was scheduled to be visiting my sister in Denver this coming Friday, and taking a couple days to check out Boulder and stay at the fabulous St. Julien Hotel & Spa. While that will be on hold, my family and I have scheduled a trip out West for Labor Day weekend. Fingers crossed the green light will be given to travel! 

Beyond that point, what is on the books? 

I HOPE Santa Monica will be scheduled for December; if I can get there before that point too, I would be so happy! I know I should branch out but the Fairmont Miramar & Bungalows is like my 2nd home. I tell people I feel like Eloise at the Plaza. Speaking of Santa Monica, I have been missing it LOTS. There is a huge part of me that feels that urge to go back and live there for 6+ weeks that I did 3 years ago. It is so hard for me to believe it has been that long! It feels like yesterday! 

A few places I would like to travel on the immediate - I will get back to Europe at some point, and I want to see Hawaii like WOAH! 

- "Quick trip" to Cabo San Lucas; I have my eye on both the One & Only Palmilla (you know, for the celebrity in me) and the Auberage Resort "Esperanza" because their reputation is amazing and, for those I know who have stayed at this very resort, cannot say more amazing things about it! I have never stayed at an Auberage Resort BUT I know they have a fabulous reputation. I, also, have my eye at some of their properties in Napa & Park City!

- Napa, I would LOVE to go back, and I would love to experience Santa Barbara too! 

- Really interested in Belize but where I want to go is a private island called "Little Harvest Caye," and that would not be very cost effective (or FUN) for 1 person! Again, I have known people who have stayed here who absolutely loved it! Can you tell I live vicariously through my clients? Oh and the Bocawina Rainforest Resort and Adventures looks pretty cool too! Yes, another spot my clients are wanting me to check out because "omgosh, you would have a blast." This private island, also, reminds me of another spot in the Dominican Republic I had another client go to that was unbelievable but, of course, I cannot think of it now. And, no, it is not "Casa de Campo" that that Kardashians put on the map. 

- Maybe I need to think more USA for the time being...ha! Charleston is on the list, and I would like to do another spin in Austin, TX too! Yes, an Auberage Resort is opening up there SOON! 

- January 2021 - I know, jumping ahead - I hope to book a week in Park City, Utah for a much needed SKI excursion! 

- February 2021 - 2 weeks in St. Maarten are booked, followed by a week in Palm Springs at the end of the month. 

Now, how am I going to pay for all of this?!?! A girl can dream AND this girl is going to make it happen! 

Here's to planning out future trips post pandemic! Believe me, this cannot be over soon enough!

Have an awesome week!


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