White Boards, Pyramids, and Who The Heck Is "Janine Serio?"

White Boards, Pyramids, and Who The Heck Is "Janine Serio?"

OMGOSH - hello Friday! Hope your week was super productive! I admit, mine was not as "productive" on paper as I would like BUT a 2 1/2 hour meeting yesterday that involved a white board, "pyramid" models, and forcing me to dig deep with that my brand is about and represents, made me feel like is a whole lot more structure coming my way for what has seemed fairly chaotic.

I am not sure how much sense that makes; it's cool, I am questioning it too, LOL. What I mean, though, is the thing with social media is that it can be, and is, a chaotic space. There are so many moving parts that it can feel overwhelming and "am I doing this right?" Honestly, there is no "right or wrong," but there is strategy involved, especially if, at the end of the day, you want this to be a bonafide business. To get there, though, it takes vulnerability, constantly putting yourself, and your beliefs, out there as though you would be doing the world a disservice for NOT sharing, and building a tribe of individuals who can relate to you and your brand.

But the questions of "Who, What, Where, When, and Why" need to be answered and, for as much as I developed this brand, that exercise was a mind fuck in and of itself. 

Speaking of tribe, this week I shared a personal story about my health on social media. And, if you did not see/read, it is nothing serious. It's time like this when you hear from people that you had NO IDEA even read any of your material, yet, you are making an impact on their lives, and possible connections for future collaborations. 

That is pretty freaking cool, don't you think? 

Alright love, here's to a fabulous Friday and upcoming weekend. Look forward to sharing some amazing content coming up, such as my "Taco Tuesday" series debuting in September, my latest Fall Fashions, a dinner party I am hosting in the next few weeks, a "Vino and Vogue" event "Fit4Janine," a Baltimore "Meet & Greet" and so much more! 

Stay tuned and, as always, thank you for following my journey, my brand, and my life! 


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