How I WINE (Or Is It Wind?) Down On A Wednesday?!

How I WINE (Or Is It Wind?) Down On A Wednesday?!

OMGOSH, Happy Freaking Hump Day! This has been a week so far; and it's only Wednesday! It is my mission to cross everything off my Christmas "To-Do" list (that can be done EARLY for that matter) before I jet out of town next week for a few days of work, fresh air, and getting some perspective and clarity on what I want 2019 to bring for me professionally.

Actually, more importantly, what I want 2019 to bring for me personally. 

Speaking of "jetting out of town," TOMORROW I am headed to one of my favorite places during the Christmas season to visit, and one that I have not been to in a really long time! You will have to wait to see where I am going AND who is going to tag along! :) Make sure to stay connected on Instagram!

In any event, while I will be pouring a yummy red wine from Italy (see below; if you live in Baltimore, make sure you choose your vino with the Tenth Harvest label), I did take some time this afternoon for a little "me" time. And, by "me" time, I treated myself to another glycolic peel and mini facial - yes, this face has to stay looking sharp - and did a little Christmas shopping (which was more looking, LOL).

primitivo italy


I am surprised I am not a total zombie by this point in the week. I have barely slept and my days have been filled with a non-stop, "go until you cannot" pace. I have a feeling this pace is going to kick-start into FULL gear come January - yes, it is GO time. I mean, the week if Christmas, I have 2 video shoots, a luncheon, a dinner, personal training clients, and a Happy Hour for a potential business opportunity. So exciting but, come on, I need to freaking sleep too.

I thought today would be awesome to share with you a few of my "beauty secrets" that I use on a daily and/or weekly basis. I recently did a post for my #musthavemonday series talking about my favorite "Bougie Beauty" products, and, while some overlap, you will see some NEW items too! 

Care to take a peek?

Spoiler Alert: Gals, we all have cellulite; yes, men do too but it is more common in women, for sure! You know, those "hips don't lie," "big, big, booty's," and "dem quads" always seem to be the main culprits. There is no rhyme or reason as to why some have more than others. A lot has to do with genetics, and lifestyle/diet/exercise can all be linked/related but, honestly, we are all prone to it in some form or another. 

Anyway, I bring this up because, while I am not (that) vain, some of these products I use I think are beneficial regardless! And, I have listed them in the order in which I use them too! 

Dry Brushing (Mine is from "Complete Skin Makeover"): I LOVE the circular-ness (is that a word) of this brush that can be used "wet" or "dry." Personally, I use it dry, "pre-shower." Depending on what you read, they say "dry brushing," especially before getting in the shower is ideal! It has been said that this is one of easiest, cheapest, and most effective ways to promote healthy, glowing skin...from the inside out! Some of the many benefits:

dry brush


  • Sloughs away dry skin
  • Tighter skin, cell renewal, and blood flow
  • Helps improve cellulite and encourage the production of collagen = softer, smoother skin & gloomy complexion
  • Helps the lymphatic system (i.e. lymphatic drainage) to remove toxins
  • Boosts circulation
  • Aids in digestion and kidney function too
  • Exfoliates and helps to remove ingrown hairs & unclog pores

DERMAdoctor KP Duty: I don't use this everyday - my go-to everyday is Glytone's exfoliating wash - but this is a FABULOUS exfoliant to slough away those pesky "chicken skin" bumps. I know, so attractive! I love the fact that it acts as a chemical peel for your body too! The best time to use this is pre-shower too! Rub it on dry skin, then hop in the shower and rinse! 

KP Scrub


Glytone: Between the exfoliating wash, lotion, and their morning/night cellulite (yes, I know but I like them) cremes, these are some of my favorite products to use in the shower (if I use the KP scrub, I do not use the Glytone wash), post-shower, and morning/night! 



Kiehl's Creme de Corps: No words to say except AMAZING! My go-to for a full body experience! My skin has never looked better since using this product infused with cocoa butter and beta carotene! Seriously, it is worth the money!!!



Here's to BEAUTIFUL skin that is Fit4You! 


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