Wine In the Summertime: With Some Hints of Fresh Fruit!

Wine In the Summertime: With Some Hints of Fresh Fruit!

Hey there love! Happy Wednesday, and WINE down Wednesday to say the least! Hope the first few days of June have been fabulous, and THANK GOODNESS the sun has been shining here in Baltimore for longer than 1 day. Talk about a mood changer, and this is coming from someone who has been in a major funk lately. All I can say is summertime and the living is easy...well, it is almost Summer and the living is, definitely, different this year. 

I am super pumped to be sharing with you my latest series that is all about "Wine in the Summertime," and my go-to vinos that are trending in my wine cellar. So, to kick things off...

Wine In the Summertime: With Some Hints of Fresh Fruit!

Okay, okay, I am going to be perfectly honest - I am by no means a wine connoisseur and, therefore, I am leaving all the technical talk to the professionals. 

Today, I am chatting about a vino that is not only light, food friendly, and filled with hints of fresh fruit, but it is super affordable, too, and just a downright good Chardonnay. 



If you have not tried yet, William Hill Estate 2017 Chardonnay has become a household favorite, and I am pretty confident it will become yours too. While I, generally, get the "North Coast" varietal - other coasts do come at a higher price point - there is something about this Napa Valley wine that is just easy. 

Hmm, easy...does that make sense? As I mentioned, it goes with everything and FITS most palates. So, yes, EASY. 

So, as promised, I am leaving this to the professionals. Thank you William Hill Estate Winery for providing this information! 

The William Hill Chardonnay is medium-bodied and food-friendly, featuring ripe notes of honeydew melon, juicy pear and apple crumble. Backed by delicate hints of meyer lemon and nutmeg, this elegantly structured Chardonnay is smooth and well-balanced, with crisp acidity and a creamy mouthfeel.

In this vintage we see exceptional fruit-driven characteristics combined with brilliant acidity, making this wine an ideal food-pairing partner.

I mean, how does this NOT sound awesome?!?! Oh, and with every bottle of vino an even bougier glass needs to be used to consume. Uh huh, another conversation starter! Anthropologie is my spot for LOTS, including fabulous glassware! Take for example this super fun, and a little bit of a vintage throwback, Felicity Wine Glass, which comes in a set of 4. 

Cheers to Happy Hour AND, if you have any vinos you want to share, I would love to hear! Enjoy and drink responsibly!


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