Wine Cellar Raid: I Will Have My Cake, And Drink It Too!

Wine Cellar Raid: I Will Have My Cake, And Drink It Too!

Okay, cake is really not my thing - sweets, in general, are not my deal - BUT I will totally consume this Chardonnay from the fabulous Cakebread Cellars

Happy Wednesday love! YES, it is Wednesday; can you believe it? From now until the end of the year I feel it is going to be an absolute whirlwind. Mind you, the Holiday's are always super busy but, just looking at the calendar, it seems a little busier than usual. Hey, busy is good, right? Wait, should I say, PRODUCTIVE is even better - ha! 

In honor of it being Wednesday, this month I am going to be featuring a 4-week series that is centered around, you guessed it, WINE. Duh. I am calling it a "Wine Cellar Raid" because I am going around town, "raiding" various wine menus to find my favorites to share with you...and are trending in my wine cellar as well! Plus, with the Holiday season fast approaching, these wines would look super chic on your wine bar, paired with your meal, or as a gift! Just sayin'...:)

Cakebread Chardonnay


First up is a fantastic 2015 Chardonnay from Cakebread Cellars in Napa Valley, California. I had the pleasure of checking out their vineyard back in 2016 and it was such an amazing experience! In fact, it was for my parents 35th Wedding Anniversary and we visited the winery on Halloween. Errrrmyyygossshhh SO FUN! 

I admit, I have become a bit of a snob when it comes to wine, especially with reds. Hey, why drink something you do not like? My palette for whites is a little less stuck up - LOL - but I still navigate accordingly. I was, first, introduced to this wine/winery by a former client of mine who raved about it. To be fair and honest, I think their reds are delicious but I tend to gravitate towards their whites more than anything. And, without getting into "reserves" or special/unique "vintages," their wines range from $25 to upwards of $70/$80. Again, the reserves and wine club bottles can go well over $100-$150. 

It is so worth it! 

I found this bottle on The Oregon Grille in Hunt Valley, Maryland (Baltimore County) wine menu. With over 700+ wines to choose from, it can be overwhelming. I was so thrilled to see this beauty on the list under the "California" region. And, if memory serves correct, it was priced around $60 for the bottle. Not bad at all, given it has a price tag right around $40. FYI: If you live in the area, DEFINITELY, check out this restaurant. My recommendation is to sit in the bar, and go on a Tuesday, when all wine by the bottle is 25% off. Uh huh - what a deal!

Winemaker's Notes:

2015 was one of the earliest vintages on record, and featured small clusters that delivered beautifully concentrated fruit aromatics and flavor intensity.

The nose offers vivid, creamy aromas of green and golden apple, pear and citrus with supporting scents of beeswax and mineral. Full­-bodied and vibrant, with bright, intense, apple, citrus and melon flavors, the 2015 Napa Valley Chardonnay is remarkably persistent on the palatte, culminating in a long finish showcasing pleasing spice, yeast and mineral tones. Delicious upon release, it will also reward 5-­7 years’ aging.

Delicious with chicken, shellfish, seafood and grilled salads.

Courtesy of

And, as I mentioned earlier, with the upcoming Holiday season, especially Thanksgiving, this would be a wonderful bottle to serve with your turkey, or even take as a gift to the host/hostess. I know I would be pretty smitten. 

Janine Wine


Enjoy and, as always, drink responsibly! Until next Wednesday!



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